Solar Panel Installers

If you want to make some improvements in your work area or in your home then it may be a complex task, especially when it involves new technologies. If you have decided on installing Solar PV or solar panels, but don’t know how to go about getting it fitted, then no need to worry. You have come here at the right place. We are here to provide you the best solar panel installations and solar panel installers. The electricity generated by the solar panels is converted from DC to 240 v. AC by an inverter and connected to your consumer unit. The electricity flows to wherever it is needed in your household. When there is more electricity being generated than is needed, it will flow out through a meter into the grid and can then be sold on to a number of electricity supply companies. Electrical companies will meter the amount of electricity fed into the grid by your system and will credit your account accordingly.

Solar panel installation and photovoltaic systems have become the new buzzwords for electricity in your home. Solar photovoltaic systems can be used to generate electricity in your home through solar energy. This is an eco-friendly option as it reduces the toxic emissions into the atmosphere and makes use of the sun’s energy to generate electricity.

If you have your Solar PV fitted by our accredited supplier then you can enjoy all the benefits of Solar PV plus the added financial aspect of Feed in Tariffs, as well as being able to sell your electric to your local power supplier. A good company will come to your home and ask about your needs and requirements, specifying your system to suit your needs. There are a lot of companies that will just offer you a standard set-up, which is fine if you want to install your Solar PV quickly but it may mean your system isn’t what you wanted.

Photo voltaic systems (PV systems) are in great demand these days but they need people to install them. Most UK houses have a roof which is suitable for a solar PV installation. Solar PV systems are easy to install and take 2 – 3 days per installation need virtually no maintenance and are predicted to last 40 years. Solar photovoltaic (PV) installations are becoming very much common these days due to the 30% federal tax incentives and government grants from States and other funding agencies. Unfortunately, this has also led to a number of new and inexperienced solar companies in the marketplace. Some of these companies may be out to deliberately take advantage of customers. When considering the addition of a solar system to your home, it is very important to choose a reputable, professionally-trained installer. You can decrease your chances of entering into a “bad deal” by doing a little research and asking a few simple questions. After all, you are considering spending and investing in a renewable system that can range from $10,000 on up for a solar photovoltaic array.

Why to choose us? We are:

– Accredited professionals and not pushy sales people.
– Committed to providing the best possible customer service from initial contact to system handover and beyond.
– Committed to designing bespoke, high-quality solar systems with high quality modules, inverters and mounting equipment

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