Smarten up Your Office Space with San Francisco Office Furniture

Revamping your workplace is all about how you wish to make clients and employees perceive your company. The installation of cubicles, computer carts, recliners, file cabinets, reception area sofa and the receptionist’s desk help in building up a professional image of your business. Then, you have the conference room tables, chairs, projectors, and whiteboards, as well. All of these can aptly bedeck your workplace if bought from reputed San Francisco office furniture stores. It’s not necessary that you have to invest in new fixtures. Even, used furnishings that are well maintained are as good as new. In this article, we are going to discuss how your work area can be smartened up.

Select Pieces based on the Nature of Your Business

First focus on the type of business you have. For example, if it is staid, like that of a lawyer’s firm, or that of a chartered accountant, install pieces that exude a sense of professionalism and seriousness. On the contrary, if you are an owner of a web or graphic designing company, choose recliners, desks, and cubicles that look casual, and at the same time have a touch of aesthetics.

Choose Materials Carefully

Buying PC carts, L-shaped desks, chairs, or file cabinets is not like purchasing fashion garments from a large shopping mall. You cannot pick whatever you like. You need to plan and pick out fixtures that suit the work environment. For instance, materials made out of mahogany and other woods reflect professionalism. On the other hand, light colored woods such as maple and pine are more suited for corporate training rooms and the reception zone. The same rule holds true for stainless steel materials. In case, you are not sure, ask the staff of office furniture Bay Area stores to help you out.

Consider Desk Shape

If the work floor has space constraints, then L-shaped desks are the best. That’s because it can be accommodated in unused corners. L-shaped desks are ideal for working as well as storing files and papers. One end is used for storage and the other for keeping PCs or laptops. These fixtures also make your office look neat and tidy.


For modern workplaces, seats having contemporary design should be chosen. As far as color is concerned, you can opt for shades of light green, blue, red, black, and white. For example, if you are choosing green, ensure that all chairs on the work floor are of the same color. Else, your office will look unorganized. This is the reason black is the perfect shade to choose. White, on the other hand, requires maintenance. Else, dirt gets noticeable on white recliners soon. Also, ensure that they are ergonomically designed. This is important for providing comfort and maintaining the right sitting posture.

Architectural Walls

Do not ignore the walls in the pursuit of selecting chairs, tables, or desks. Opt for curtain wall systems for the work floor as well as for conference rooms. You can also tastefully choose pictures, artwork, or paintings to decorate the walls. However, make sure you do not overdo it. Keep walls neat and minimal in design.

Conference Room Decor

Be careful while revamping conference room fixtures. Take help of San Francisco office furniture staff to help you with ideas. If the meeting has dearth in terms of space, install a round table with stainless chairs. On the other hand, for a large room, opt for a rectangular table to do justice to the additional space.

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