November 25, 2022

Small Business Ideas People In Japanese

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Small business needs are everywhere. If you can dig up niche demand, you will also be able to earn a stable income.

Small business needs are everywhere. If you can dig up niche demand, you will also be able to earn a stable income.

However, it is surprisingly difficult to come up with an idea from scratch. Therefore, from here, we will introduce 38 types of new business stories that can be used for specific small businesses .

If you have an idea that piques your interest, why not try it out on your own?

  • Genre where you can make use of your hobbies and special skills

If you have a hobby that you are passionate about or have a skill that is superior to others, let’s use it in your business. You can earn money while doing what you love, so you can enjoy your work with less stress.

1. Sale of handmade products

In recent years, there are many flea market sites and sites for buying and selling handmade items, making it an easy market for even beginners to enter.

There are various needs if you look for accessories and clothes, as well as smartphone cases and masks.

2. English teacher

If you are good at English, offer your skills as a teacher. You can work from home because you can do it on a PC or smartphone.

Clarifying the target, such as for adults or children, makes it easier to differentiate from competitors.

3. Photographer

Use your photography skills to run your business with the photos you take. Get a job by registering on a crowdsourcing site, etc., or collect customers yourself and expand the base of your business.

Also, in recent years, there is also a commercial method of posting photos on material sites and having them buy them . Those who feel lack of skill may want to spend money on equipment.

4. Illustrator

This business is perfect for those who like to draw illustrations. If you have drawing software and a PC or tablet , you can easily start.

In addition to aiming for matching on crowdsourcing sites, if you have skills, it is also recommended to make LINE stamps and sell them.

5. Make-up artist

It is a business that teaches makeup tips and actually applies makeup to customers.

There is a high demand from women, and it is useful at weddings and parties. Many of our customers are relatively young, so the key to management will be how well we use SNS .

6. Personal Trainer

Knowledge of training and nutrition is essential. Previous experience working in a gym or fitness club would be beneficial.

Diet and health are fields that are always in demand, so once your business gets on track, you will be able to earn a stable income.

7. Organize Storage Advisor

As a decluttering pro, we provide you with tidying skills. It can be said that the needs are high these days when “living without possessions” is popular.

In addition, reflecting the aging of society, the number of people who are doing “pre-living arrangement” is increasing. Needs from elderly households may also be expected.

8. Personal Coordinator

This job is for people who have confidence in their fashion sense. Even if you open your business all of a sudden, it will be difficult to attract customers, so it is recommended that you start by showing off your outfits on your blog and gaining fans .

If you become a popular influencer, you can expect a considerable amount of income.

9. Installer

Recommended for those who are good at installing home appliances and assembling furniture.

In recent years, more and more people are buying furniture and home appliances online. However, on the other hand, there are many people who say that they cannot install or assemble cheaply purchased furniture and home appliances.

An installer is a job that assembles and installs home appliances and furniture for such people . Although the area is limited, you can easily start without any initial investment.

10. Furniture renovation

If you have DIY skills, you can also make furniture renovation a business. Stable needs can be expected if existing furniture and used furniture can be made to the size and color desired by customers.

It is also recommended to refurbish and sell second-hand furniture that you have purchased yourself .

  • Food trucks/stalls

If you have a cooking license, you may consider working in the food and beverage industry .

In recent years, there has been a boom in entrepreneurship in food trucks. Food business license is required, but it is said that it is easy to start even if you have no experience. Check out these small for food trucks and stalls.

11. Takoyakiya

The appeal of so-called “konamono” is that it has a high gross profit rate . It doesn’t require much cooking skill, so it’s easy for beginners to get started. It is also a nice point that everyone from children to the elderly like it.

12. Curry shop

Curry, which can be completed with just curry and rice, is an easy-to-sell menu. It is easy to differentiate between authentic Indian curry, Japanese curry, and vegetarian curry .

13. Hot dog shop

It has a high level of recognition as a menu, and it is attractive that even people with low cooking skills will not be able to make mistakes. It’s easy to eat, so you can expect sales at outdoor events and festivals .

14. Cafe

If you like coffee, we recommend selling authentic drip coffee.

If you improve the appearance of the kitchen car, the needs of female customers who want to be Instagrammable will increase. Let’s put “fashionable” on the front and aim for diffusion on SNS etc.

15. Pizzeria

Pizza is also well known and popular. You can eat it easily, so you can choose where to sell it.

Also, the cost of pizza is low at 10-20% of the selling price. There is little change in material costs due to the season, and if things go well, you can expect a stable income.

16. Kebab Shop

Kebab is Turkish fast food. It is still unfamiliar in Japan, and many people are attracted to its novelty.

Although it is not well known, it is a menu that has room for future growth . However, to make kebabs, you will need certain cooking utensils, such as a kebab grill.

17. Ethnic Restaurant

The point here is that you can also aim to attract customers with “rarity” . Thai and Vietnamese dishes are well known, and many people would like to try them.

If you value “differentiation”, it is also recommended to look for menus from minor countries.

18. Ice Cream Shop

It is definitely a popular menu item in the summer. If you stick to raw materials and make it look good, you can attract the customer’s interest.

However, winter is harsh, so it is recommended to combine with other menus .

19. Bakery

Bread is also a field where there is always a need . There are a variety of menus, from sweets to meals, so there is no need to worry about variations.

Also, instead of having a large number, you may want to specialize in one type such as “melon bread” or “sandwich”.

20. Yakitoriya

Yakitori, loved by men and women of all ages, is a familiar menu item at food stalls. It is in high demand at events, but you need to be careful as there are many competitors .

Differentiation, such as “sticking to ingredients” and “sticking to how to bake”, will be an important point.

  • Agency/Rental

Agencies and rentals are also industries with niche needs . There are many things that can be started without a reserve fund, and there are many things that can be completed by individuals.

Even if you don’t have any particular skills to sell, it’s easy to get started.

21. Housekeeping

It is a job that undertakes household chores for busy households. It’s perfect for people with housewife skills, so it ‘s a recommended small business for housewives as a side job.

In recent years, the number of elderly single-person households has increased, and a certain level of demand can be expected.

22. Jack of All Trades

So-called “handyman”. You can work anywhere there is a customer need, such as shopping agency, weeding. It can be said that this is also a job that is in high demand from elderly households .

23. Acting secretary

It is a job to act as a secretary at a drinking party of the company .

There are surprisingly many people who feel that setting up a place for a drinking party and making it lively are a burden. It’s a niche market, but there seems to be stable needs.

In addition to drinking parties, there are various targets such as girls’ parties and tea parties.

24. Car wash agent

Many car owners find washing their cars a hassle. Although it is a niche market, customer demand is high .

25. Pet Sitter

My job is to take care of pets and take them for walks. If you are an animal lover, you might enjoy working on it.

It seems that there are many people who do not only pet agency but also housekeeping agency .

26. Guarantor agent

Acts as a guarantor when renting a house. There is always a certain need, so it can be said that even beginners can easily start.

However, acting as a guarantor is a higher risk than other agency businesses . When starting a business, you must carefully consider terms and conditions.

27. Acting Friend

This is a service that acts as a substitute for a friend, such as when there is no friend to attend the wedding. All you need is a human, so you don’t need to prepare equipment or items.

However, it is difficult to acquire stable customers , so it is necessary to advertise efficiently.

28. Rental space

Those who have surplus land can earn income by renting it out. Even if you only have a small amount of land, it is enough for your needs such as “storing winter tires” or “wanting to keep unused furniture”.

However, if the location is too remote, it may be difficult to acquire customers.

29. Brand goods rental

We rent popular items such as high brand bags and clothing.

Our customers are women who want to dress up for weddings and invitations, and people who want brand-name products but can’t afford them. It is suitable for people who are familiar with trends and high brands and have good taste .

30. Seasonal Leisure Goods Rental

Earn income by renting out camping goods and ski goods.

Camping and skiing are popular events in summer and winter, but it costs money to prepare the goods.

In addition, there are many people who want to get rid of it by renting because it is difficult to store it.

If you have items from well-known manufacturers, you won’t have any problems with renters.

31. Rental of occasion items

Customers are those who need formal attire for ceremonial occasions. Mourning clothes and dresses aren’t used on a daily basis, but they’re items you don’t need when you need them.

32. Affiliates

A business that creates blogs to promote products. If someone who visits your blog actually buys a product, you get paid.

Since it can be done with one PC, the initial investment cost is zero. However, in order to earn a reasonable amount of income, efforts such as enriching the content of the blog and increasing the number of visitors are necessary.

Compare 5 recommended affiliate ads! Which site is most effective for advertising?

In this article, we will introduce five recommended affiliate advertising services out of the many that are being deployed around the world.

33. YouTuber

“YouTuber” is also coming up to the occupation that children want to be. Post videos on YouTube and get paid.

However, in recent years, the number of entrants has increased, and it seems that it is quite difficult to earn income. Earning revenue can be tough if you don’t have content to keep your audience engaged.

If you want to make a profit from video distribution, other than YouTube, other video distribution platforms with less competition may still be more likely .

If you are considering comparing video distribution platforms other than YouTube, please refer to the materials and articles below.

34. IT Consultant

Suitable for those who have experience as a system engineer or SIer. We solve various IT issues that pose problems in business development.

Skilled people are in high demand, and you can earn a steady income while staying at home.

35.Online Secretary

Responsible for the back-office operations of a company. Assist with checking emails, answering phone calls, and preparing documents.

It is difficult to start with no experience, so it is recommended for those who have experience in clerical work or secretarial work at a company .

36. Web Designer

Responsible for designing websites requested by clients. It is necessary to have the skills to decide the structure of the website, decide the layout and code.

You can work anywhere and at any time because you can complete it only with a PC .

37. Application Development

Work to develop smartphone apps that everyone has now. If you manage to meet people’s needs, you can expect a good income .

38. Domain Buying and Selling

Buy and sell domains that you grow yourself .

Used domains are advantageous for SEO, and it is not uncommon for them to be purchased at a high price. There are domain auctions, so let’s take advantage of them.

Small business success stories in Japan and overseas

There are companies that started out as “small businesses” but later became successful and made a name for themselves. Let’s take a look at some small business success stories.

1. Small Business Overseas Success Story: Our Story Bridal

Used wedding dress consignment store in New York, USA . We collect dresses from people who want to sell wedding dresses and sell them at a low price. If you sell, you get a 35% commission.

Despite the niche market of wedding dresses, the business was a resounding success. It successfully connects people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on dresses and people who don’t have enough dresses.

2. Successful small business in Japan:, Inc.

It is a company that operates “” , which is popular for comparing distribution prices and reviews of electrical products . was originally launched as a side job by an office worker who worked for a manufacturer . It seems that it was triggered by thinking that it would be convenient if you could check the computer parts price of each store at once.

Now that the number of users has increased significantly, stores that feel the benefits register their prices.

  • Summary

Even if you say small business, there are various businesses depending on the idea.

You don’t know where the needs are, so do thorough market research and find something that makes you think, “This is it!”

However, the easy opening is the source of regret.

When starting a small business, carefully check the market needs and profitability, and make a detailed plan before proceeding.

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