Skills Gap Still Hampering Gulf countries

There was time when Gulf countries were nothing but deserts only but the day they have discovered oil and gas reserves. Everything has changed from trade based countries and now they have become the most developed cities of the world. And now if you look at today’s Louisiana & Gulf Coast job boards you can see the proof as they are filled with new jobs and development plans. But locals of these countries are not very literate thus there is always gap of skilled professionals in the region. So if you are the one who is thinking that in modern age skill gap could not exist then you are absolutely wrong.

According to a research made by a news agency most of Louisiana staffing agency are working in Gulf coast oil and gas sector. Many of them are working in the shipyards and in fabrication workshops to fill up the need of these onshore and offshore companies. And all f them do have the similar story as they have shared with us there are hundreds of applicants but none of them fit to their criteria thus we can easily see a skill gap here.

I know many wonder how it is possible when everyone is working but still companies are feeling the skills gap. The answers lie in one simple fact though many of them are working but still they do not have sufficient skills thus creating a skill gap in the region. For example it is hard to find a trained steel welder or fabrication expert in Louisiana and gulf coastal region and there are many who have been fired from car manufacturing companies or steel fabrication plants in some other part of coats. So at one place there is skills gap while at another place there is no opportunity for skilled labour. So to fill this gap it is a need of time to shift these workers to Louisiana Gulf coast in order to fill the skills gap etc.

But the region is lacking in providing the workers proper safety and training so to fill the skilled labour gap in the region it is essential for authorities’ ton introduce a better law suit. There are many blue collar temporary staffing agencies working specifically in this region and catering to growing need of region. And among these many trained staffing agencies there is a famous company named with thousands of job vacancies in UAE.

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