Six super slim kinds of food to get that amazing legs Cellulite

1 super slim pomegranateseaweed


 Vitamin A, with B vitamins all contain seaweed, there are many minerals and fiber, regulating body fluid balance is very effective, like slender legs can not miss it.

 2 super slim red beans

 Stone base with acid, can speed up the stomach’s digestion, reduce constipation, to speed up urination, wipe out heart or kidney disease caused by swelling. It also contains cellulose, help the body excrete waste matter, fat, effectively legs.

 3 fruta planta papaya

 Make fertilizer more skinny legs, because, papaya contains the enzyme protein, pectin composition also has a conditioning gastrointestinal function.

 4 meizitang celery

 Rich in fiber with a plastic nature of the calcium carbonate, can easily be accommodated in the body, the legs need to add calcium, it also contains plenty of potassium, to prevent lower body edema.

 5 spinach

 Spinach has a role in blood circulation, make the route more active blood circulation, but also the fresh legs of oxygen delivery with oxygen, so the leg skin, dry skin, wrinkles earlier.

 6 botanical slimming kiwi

 Kiwifruit particularly rich in cellulose content, especially vitamin C content is particularly rich, and its function is to break down fat faster, so as to avoid excess fat so that the legs thicker.

 That is all I have to provide for everyone’s leg health diet. I believe we all understand, thin legs to eat out of the thing entirely, largely to meet a lot of women want to eat something thin and conditions. Anyway, in order to let people have a touching legs, all action!

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