Sex Toys During Pregnancy: Is It Okay?

Pregnancy is something that every woman would love to experience. However, sex during pregnancy can be very harmful for the mom and the baby. This article will suggest how you can use sex toys during your pregnancy.

1st Trimester

During the 1st and 2nd trimester, penetrative sex needs to be carefully done.

–          Keep the toy clean

This is a basic instruction for any female vibrator even when you are not pregnant; you still have to keep your toy clean and sterilized. Make sure you wash the surface thoroughly right after you play with it so it doesn’t leave stain.

–          Nipple play

Nipple is the most sensitive part of the body. During pregnancy, it can be extra sensitive to the touch. You can search for nipple clamps from adult novelty stores. For intense play, you can ask your partner to help you stimulating the nipple and other body parts as well.

–          Lube

Use sex lubricant down there to make it stay wet during the play. Water based lubricant is the safest lube you can use during your pregnancy to avoid allergy. Water-based lube comes in different type o fragrance that you will love!

3rd Trimester

Consult with your doctor about which sex toy you can use during this month of pregnancy. Be careful because orgasm may induce early labor. The best way to have sex is to get non penetrative sex with adult novelty. Pick a toy that can stimulate your clitoral area or that can let both of you masturbate together. This idea is effective for those who have the urge to get pleasure during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester.

You may also use anal toy to avoid sexual intercourse. This is a great way in your sexual repertoire and helps your man to reach orgasm even when he is not inside you.

After delivering your baby

You should consult with your doctor to make sure that you can have safe sex after delivery. The doctor may require you to abstain from sexual intercourse for a few months ahead because penetrative activities may cause infections. Even when your sex toy instruction says it is safe, you still need to obey your doctor’s instruction.

If your doctor gives you a green light, then you can go on. Make sure to tell your man to be easy on you because when a woman just delivered a baby, she undergoes major changes inside her body including sensitive areas. So, it is necessary to explore more instead of doing the sexual routine.

The key to a great sex is the feeling of making love to the one you want, no matter which toys you use.

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