Several Factors Affect the Prices of Bronze Sculpture (2)

Bronze sculpture has a high historical value. Recorded on the bronze sculptures, the inscriptions have essential historical significance for the division of history. Shang and Zhou dynasties have been very far away, plus historical changes, literature that has been left is rare and few. It is very difficult to have more real understanding of the history on the basis of these incomplete materials. As to the inscriptions engraved on the bronze sculpture, especially the longer ones are the reflection of people’s real life without modifications by the later generations. Hence the inscriptions still keep the true face of that time, which has high research value. These inscriptions truly confirm the major historical events, providing numerous precious materials for the ancient countries which have a few or none records as well as indispensable basis for the history break.

Moreover, the china bronze sculpture has unparalleled artistic value. Brilliant bronze art, in specific historical conditions, was produced by the slaves who has lost personal freedom but with rich imagination. The wide variety of decoration and style both deliver the talent and not only the casting of talent and superb artistry of the craftsmanship and represent the ethical concepts of the slave society, proving to be the historical witness.

Furthermore, the scientific value of china bronze sculpture lies in metallurgy and casting technology which stands for the highest level of the development of the productivity at that period. Bronze sculpture in different periods represents different standard of mining and smelting. Bronze sculpture is kind of alloy made of copper, tin and lead. So far, there has been no specific information about how the ancients get the tin and lead, which is still a question worthy of continued exploration. The construction of the furnace, the methods of smelting, raw materials, fuels, the forms of copper ingot and the ingredients of the alloy, etc., all the issues are worth of repeated study.

Not to mention the economic value. After all, the bronze sculptures have been aged, and the craft is complex as well. The most worthy collection of treasures are preserved in the National Museum. In addition, the state has certain regulations and policies to protect these national treasures, so private fine collection of bronze sculpture is small in number. Once one piece shows up, the auction price will be so high that the common collectors will generally shrink back.

In a word, the main factors to affect the prices of the bronze sculpture are as follows.

There must be a clear line of its spread and where it is come from which means it is should be easy and clear to follow the trail of the owner of the chinese bronze sculpture. For instance, the Zhouyi hu(壶), kind of bottle, had once been stored by Ding Yanchen, a connoisseur and Liu tizhi, a well- known collector of oracle bones and bronzes. This vessel was put down in the catalogues known as the Xiqing Gujian written by Jin Shiming in the Qing Dynasty in the reign of the Qianlong emperor. The editor in host of the book inferred that this vessel might belong to Xiangyi, the later generation of Song huangong in the Spring and Autumn period.

Second, the bronze sculpture must have a long the historical time, especially the one in Zhou Dynasty.

Third, it is better to be fine and elegant production, unique shape, exquisite craft and copper with good quality.

Fourth, there are inscriptions are connected with a king or a major event.

Fifth, the bronze sculpture must be in a good state of preservation without any trace of damage or repair neither any bad and harmful rust.

In brief, the bronze price depends on many elements.

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