Seven kinds of botanical slimming gel to get little face

You do not want to face through the hair or facial make-up to modify it? So the food selection on the weekdays, it should be a lot of attention to quality ingredients intake with potassium, because botanical slimming gel can promote the body metabolism, eliminate because of improper diet or lifestyle issues arising from the facial swelling.
Want to get that little V exquisite face you can not miss the following face-lift and the recommended ingredients and healthy recipes!
Little spinach is rich in potassium and vitamin A and vitamin C, but must pay special attention to cooking methods, because the spinach is very easy to loss of nutritional ingredients. Than the outer, botanical slimming also contains large amounts of β-carotene and iron, but also vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, and an excellent source of potassium. Which iron-rich iron-deficiency anemia has improved on the role, can people be ruddy and shiny, so it is respected as a beauty to share.
Sugar pea
Pea green vegetables contain very rich in nutrients, which of course advantageous to eliminate edema and potassium, and sugar pea dish can also strengthen the effect of chewing is both nutritional value and high quality food products to promote oral activities Oh! You can also try the    meizitang has been adopted and applied to the skin on the ground, you can remove the grease on the skin, so skin is smooth, but will also prevent the summer sun tan.
Very nutritious carrots, I believe many people do not like a child to eat. But you know what? Carrot has a little face effect, every morning, drink a cup of honey is squeezed carrot juice, beauty and beauty Oh! Carrots are rich in botanical slimming gels, can stimulate the skin’s metabolism, improve blood circulation, making the skin smooth and delicate, ruddy complexion, the beauty has a unique role in skin health. Also, carrots are also suitable for dry skin, rough and other skin problems.
And more food, like celery with nutritional value and the promotion of oral activities, functions, regardless of being used as an ingredient, or in the summer, the most easy to read, simple raw, celery are very tasty and healthy food too! Celery or a woman’s girlfriends do, the higher botanical slimming gel content of celery, to supplement the loss of women’s blood, eat to avoid skin pale, dry, minimalist looking, but also enable the eyes of God, the hair black.
Natto is easy to save a necessity for breakfast one day, although there are many young people do not like the taste of natto, natto but rich in potassium, can be said that the Japanese health and longevity, one of the food. In recent years, the Japanese medical scientist, research physiologist know, botanical slimming gel has not dissolved, and make natto, the amino acids become soluble and produce, and raw materials do not exist due to a variety of enzymes natto and associated bacteria, help digestion and absorption.
Dried fish
Dried fish and dried fish or cut the throat and other larval fish contain high quality ingredients potassium. Therefore, whether steamed, boiled, fried or soup plus some small dried fish, a few delicious and nutritious, is really a double good effect ah!
When the snacks can also be used as cooking ingredients, dried and the characteristics of moderate hardness, making   botanical slimming soft gel  is both nutritional value and activities to promote oral health foods, and persimmons of sweet wet non-toxic, can run and lung, cough and phlegm , heat and thirst, spleen and intestinal astringent, is a very healthy food.
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