Senior Medical Alert Systems: Choose the Right Provider

Do you have an elderly granny, or grandpa at home crippled with arthritis, or plagued by obesity? You and your spouse, both working professionals, are busy at your respective offices for the most part of the day. And, your aged parents or great grandparents are all alone in a large house. Accidents, falls or injuries will never give you the slightest indication before they occur. In other words, such accidents or mishaps never intimate you in advance to help you stay prepared. They are sudden, unexpected, and can prove fatal if senior medical alert systems are not installed in your premises.

Therefore, in an event of a fall, severe injury or illness, an elderly member of your family can ask for emergency medical attention by the simple push of a button. However, there are some aspects that need to be considered before choosing one.

Think of the Situation

Before opting for personal emergency alert systems, it’s imperative that you assess the situation well. For instance, you have your grandpa at home. Is the equipment easy to use and operate? Will he be able to push the button quickly? These are the questions that you need to ask while calling up a service provider. In case your grandpa falls and unable to reach the phone, what will happen? In such situations, ensure that the communication is instant and loud enough to be heard by the person concerned. If you have a large house, then opt for alarm tools suitable for longer range.

Consider Price

Tools and equipment meant to alarm a medical facility, or telehealth services, come at varied price ranges. Some might cost only a few hundred dollars while others are expensive. It is important to note that settling for a cheaper option is not a wise move, especially when it comes to health concerns of your loved ones. A product that is a bit expensive might include some of the best features. Therefore, do your research well before investing in such equipment.

Check for the Following Features

It’s the life of your near and dear ones at stake, if you end up with a faulty product. That’s why you need to compare the features of different senior medical alert systems before making a decision. Ensure that it includes the following aspects:

  • Is it UL listed?
  • The service provider should be comfortable with free testing at regular intervals to ensure that the machine is working effectively.
  • The equipment needs to be attuned with the phone systems of your residence.
  • There should be full battery backup, in case, there is a power failure.
  • When running at low battery, the tool should send a warning signal to inform the inmates of the house.
  • The period of warranty should be satisfying and policies pertaining to repair must be absolutely transparent.

Installation Process

Ask the customer service staff about the installation process. Most alert systems can be easily installed by the members of your family. Ensure that it can be installed without having to pay a professional. If professional help is needed, make sure that senior members of your household are not pestered for purchasing unnecessary products or services.

We hope the article above will help you choose the right alert equipment for your senior family member.

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