Select Links of London jewelry of introductory matters

1, whatever is worth the investment gem, should have had the product less, rise faster etc. Characteristics. You can pay links charm bracelet charms more attention to some of the news on gem stones mineral deposits, all those facing the stones of resource exhaustion types, will surely has the appreciation value.

2, William and Kate married, a gold inherited from Diana’s sapphire engagement ring for many people to “family heirloom” ring london links charms cheap increasingly attention. And not expensive gem ring just suitable for family treasure “, jewelry should represents a kind of mood, an attitude. If you think your a gem ring, representing your a life story, even if it is very cheap, you links silver charms could also pass it.

Three young people nowadays prefer choose diamond as a wedding jewelry, choose this kind of jewelry, diamond studs in attention links of london jewelry and cut, and on the basis of the ability of the be fond of according to oneself and to choose. Folli Follie group, which links of london UK owns Folli Follie and Links of London two brands, in the international market design, production and distribution of the two brands of jewelry, watches, accessories and gift.

Folli Follie in 1982 by Dimitris links of london bracelet and Ketty Koutsolioutsos couple founded, by providing unique jewelry, watches and accessories to create a real “completely fashion ideas”. Athens, Greece since the first store after opening, brand quickly all links of london jewellery over the world, and in 1995 into the Japanese market in 1998, and in the Hong Kong market.

In 1997, the company in the Athens links london stock market listing, Links of London in 2006 to join Folli Follie group.

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