Seemingly Magical and Beautiful Ribbons

There is a couple, and they often quarrel. The husband’s temper is bad, and always complains about wife is not tender and caring enough. But the wife is intolerable for her husband’s behavior, she feels her husband no longer love her.


Then the wife came to the old patriarch with the boring mood, told him about the things between her and her husband, and asked the old patriarch for help. The old patriarch considered a bit and said: “I can tell you a good idea, but there is a condition, you have to put the ribbon on the lion’s neck.”


At that time, a lion often moved back and forth in the village. But the lion was very ferocious; almost no one dared approach it, which made her very daring. She thought for a long time, and finally thought of a way. The next day, she brought a lamb in front of the lion, but she had done nothing, only put the lamb in there then went home. The lion was confused. After each day, she would at the same time to send a small sheep in the front of the lion. Gradually the lion liked her, thought she was a very gentle, very gracious woman. On the lion seeing her, it would be kind enough to wag, and came forward, even let her touch. She knew that the lion had trusted and loved her, and so she took a bold and was close to lion. Finally, she was very easy to put a piece of ribbon tied around the neck of the lion, the lion had not revolt, but happy to shake its head.


She went to find the old patriarch, and told him that she had put the ribbon on the neck of the lion, and told the process to the old patriarch, the old patriarch smiled and said: “My approach is to let you use the way of taming the lion to tame your husband! Then have a try to tie a ribbon on your husband’s neck!”


In fact, the old patriarch meant that the woman should use her caring heart to warm her husband. If she treat her husband as treat the lion previous, her husband would change his heart.


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