Seek compensation if your package holiday was not as expected

Many holiday complaints are from people returning home from a package holiday, upset that they did not receive the kind of break that they were expecting. If a package holiday was booked and it ended up being significantly different to the one that was expected, the tour operator has to make every effort to put things right as quickly as possible.
This can include offering alternative accommodation where possible. If this is not possible, or what has been offered is not suitable, free transport should be offered to a place where you can make your own way home.
If the tour operator did not try to resolve the situation or you were not happy with the alternative accommodation, then you should be able to claim compensation. This could cover the difference in cost between of the accommodation if it was a lower standard, or for the inconvenience and disappointment that has been suffered.
Your holiday may not have been what you expected because of poor accommodation, the resort was not what you were believed it to be from the tour operator, the facilities on offer were not as expected, the hotel was incomplete, there was poor hygiene, the surroundings were dirty or the holiday was simply not as described in the brochure.
If you experience any of these things, then compensation should be sought by contacting a professional holiday claims team who will be able to advise if you on whether or not you have a valid case for complaint.

If you have a holiday complaint related to an illness or accident on holiday then get in touch with Holiday Illness or Accident Solicitors. All UK tour operators are a member of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) and must follow ABTA’s Code of Conduct. If however yopu need to make a claim regarding an holiday illness or accident then you can make a Thomson Holidays Complaint, Thomas Cook Holiday Illness Claim, First Choice Holiday Complaint.

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