Secrets of selecting the best massage therapist insurance

New massage therapists and bodyworkers, who are just starting their careers within the field of touch therapy, could stand to benefit from the lessons learned and wisdom gained by more seasoned practitioners. This applies to many facets of the massage therapy and bodywork industry, but here we will focus on what the veteran massage therapists and bodyworkers might convey when it comes to protecting one’s practice and finances, especially via massage therapist liability insurance.


Instead of embarking on what could possibly be an expensive exercise in trial and error, those newer massage therapists and bodyworkers who take the time to do a bit of research and investigation should be able to access some of the wisdom of those more seasoned practitioners and possibly bypass the need to learn any hard lessons when it comes to massage therapist insurance.


One of the first things to know when it comes to selecting massage therapist liability insurance is that you really do not need to pay an unreasonable amount of money for a high quality policy. As you look around and compare fees for the various massage therapist liability insurance programs, aim to keep your expenses at less than a couple hundred dollars per year.


On top of this, the savvy, seasoned massage therapist or bodyworker would probably tell you to be sure to keep a record of your purchase of massage therapist liability insurance, and find out whether you can deduct the annual fee as a business expense. If you can deduct the cost of your massage therapist insurance, you should certainly do so to potentially save money on taxes.


The next thing the older and wiser massage therapist or bodyworker might let you know about massage therapist liability insurance is that, no matter what, you need to make sure your policy contains three key forms of coverage: general liability coverage, professional liability coverage and product liability coverage. This way, your massage therapist liability insurance will be prepared to provide protection and coverage for a wide array of possible legal claims, from slip and fall to malpractice.


Once you have nailed down the low fee, possible deduction and thorough coverage necessary to massage therapist liability insurance, the next step in selecting the best policy is comparing any extra perks or benefits that come with your purchase. For example, certain massage therapist insurance programs not only provide those three key forms of coverage mentioned above, but also identity protection, coverage for rental damage and reimbursement for lost or stolen equipment.


Besides securing these additional forms of coverage and protection for you and your practice, you may be able to find a massage therapist liability insurance program that also offers business benefits, such as free directory listings, vendor discounts and templates for setting up and hosting a website for your practice.


So, the third secret of the savvy, seasoned practitioner might be to find the massage therapist liability insurance policy that offers the most complete package for the money, in terms of any extra forms of coverage and business benefits.

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