Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars on the New Teeth Implant Cost! PART 2

Welcome to this, the second installment of a two-part article series on the “All-On-4” and how this ingenious dental implant procedure dramatically undercuts the traditional new teeth implant cost in NJ, which is just one of the many benefits of this protocol. In our previous article post, we explained that the “All-On-4”:

  1. Only requires four dental implants to provide patients with a new set of fixed and immediately functional teeth. This is as opposed to 6, 8 or even 10 dental implants per jaw and 20 in total for patients requiring both upper and lower arch replacement.
  2. Only requires a single surgery (in most cases) instead of multiple ones spread out over the course of 12 to 18 months.

In this article, we shall continue to examine the many ways the “All-On-4” saves patients with missing and/or failing teeth on the new teeth implant costs in NJ, starting with bone grafting surgery…

    3. The “All-On-4” Almost Never Requires Bone Grafting Surgery Beforehand.

This is really one of the key features and key benefits of the “All-On-4” dental implant protocol. One of the major challenges facing patients prior to the innovation of this technique was a lack of sufficient bone volume in the jawbone. This was caused by atrophy, which would set in subsequent to the loss of the tooth roots. The roots keep the jaw stimulated and healthy; their loss leads to atrophy of the hard tissue in much the same way that idleness leads to slimmer muscles and a lack of definition.

Dental implant specialists in NJ would overcome this problem traditionally by performing bone grafting: a procedure that would augment and encourage the growth of new and healthy bone tissue in the jaw. However, it was found that through the strategic placement of four dental implants in regions of the jawbone that are not as prone to atrophy, enough support could be provided to secure a non-removable set of replacement teeth. The “All-On-4” was born and one of its claims to fame is that it almost always bypasses the need for bone grafting surgery, saving patients thousands of dollars, months in recovery and all the pain and discomfort that comes with such an inherently invasive procedure!

    4. The “All-On-4” is Pretty Much a One-Time Investment

The savings patients can make on the new teeth cost in NJ discussed thus far are short term. In the long term, the “All-On-4” continues to save patients thousands of dollars! Just consider the teeth replacement alternative… Removable dentures:

  • Require repeat expenses, such as anesthetic gels, cleaning agents, overnight soaking solutions and messy adhesives. “All-On-4” teeth are cared for and maintained similarly to natural teeth and don’t require any of these repeat expenses.
  • Need to be refitted every few years or so and more frequently the longer a patient wears them for. This comes down to the changing shape of the jawbone, which is caused by atrophy. The “All-On-4” supports a healthy jawbone, preventing this remodeling process from the word go.

The ironic thing is that, eventually, the jawbone will have withered to such an extent than removable dentures will no longer be able to provide a viable teeth replacement option. At this juncture, a patient will be facing the need for dental implant in NJ anyway! That or a life of very soft foods and no teeth at all.

A Final Note on the “All-On-4”

At a cost that is substantially less than that demanded by traditional dental implant protocols, the “All-On-4” is making it possible for patients from all walks of life to enjoy the kind of quality of life they always planned to enjoy in their golden years. Speak to your dental implant specialist in NJ about this remarkable procedure today.

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