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It is an American supernatural documentary style watch Battleship online movie that presents the series of exorcisms. It’s about a woman whose life gets affected by the dreadful experience of exorcism. Later on, her daughter decides to find out what went wrong that compelled her mother to confess the murder of three people. Throughout the movie, you can catch the tale of a possessed woman, whose body becomes the domicile for powerful demons. The movie begins with the confession of Maria Rossi, who boldly confesses that she has killed three people in one go. In the hope of understanding all the series of events, Isabella Rossi, the young daughter of the tortured woman decides to meet her mother in the institution, where she has been spending her days like a patient.

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In Holy Church (a psychiatric hospital), she makes an attempt to find an aid for Maria so that she can understand what her mother wants. The daughter is terrified and questions to herself what would happen if she gets possessed by demons. To handle the situation, she appoints two young exorcists to protect her mother from the demons who may rule her mother’s body. She combines unusual approach and mixes science and religion to fight with the four powerful demons, which are possessing Maria’s putrid body. On the other hand, the entire film crew captures all the experiences of the woman in a camera. But all this while, something goes horribly wrong that puts Is Isabella’s mother in danger. She wants her mother to prove innocent but it isn’t guaranteed that the four souls would allow her to do so. Everything goes haywire and only camera footage can work as evidence to save her mother. Watch Battleship online to find out how the girl fights face-to-face with pure evils!

Battleship focuses on Isabella Rossi as she tries to figure out the mysterious murdering spree of her mother 20 years before. She later finds out that it was during an exorcism that her mother killed three people. After being arrested, Maria Rossi is sent to a mental hospital for the criminally insane in Rome and Isabella travels there to figure out what is wrong with her mother. The problem is more than just a mental illness, but evil itself incarnate in her.

My first thought before seeing this movie was that it was going to be another one of those “exorcism” movies. Turning heads, spider-walking down the stairs . . . we have all seen them. Before this film, most exorcism flicks just focused on these traits. None of them really discussed the religious aspect in terms of the Roman Catholic Church. I commend “Battleship” for doing this. It really revealed the true inner feelings of the Church on exorcism, especially in today’s society. Some people are separated in the idea of exorcism, even the religious people and this film did a great job in conveying this confusion and conflicting views. Mental illness is the panacea diagnosis, but there may be something more.

Honestly, I am not a very big fan of the hand-held camera style. But this movie, overall, did a great job with handling this style. Yes, there were spots where the camera was a little shaky, but it’s a given with these kinds of movies. The camera was almost always on the action that was happening at the moment. It didn’t try to trick the audience by moving the camera somewhere else while there is a mêlée happening just outside the view of the camera. The fake-documentary style is one of my favorites, mainly because of “The Last Exorcism”. Watch Battleship Online

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