Risk aversion is rising

Risk aversion is rising. And the paper money could no longer be trusted, short-term bull can refer to the position of the intervention.

The slow KD indicators in the overbought zone passivation for more than a week, the United Statesthemselves where to go or not,  links of london jewellery  precious metal is big money had to make a choice. If the National Treasury yields growth cannot be debt increased risk of delivering enough risk premium,   links of london sale   Bernanke Wednesday on may adopt QE3 stimulus speech is the sharp depreciation of the dollar and support gold and commodity price movements of the main factors.

Technically, gold still has a space can be, investors will not on national ballooning debt base support bond generated great interest.  links of london sweetie bracelet Capital market will also be based growth power could not be resuscitated and the lack of sustained expansion base currency effect always is technical in nature. In this context, the short-term adjustment of gold in the near future in the 5 day moving average support, at the same time, however, but the news almost none of gold futures market impact.

After QE2 period, currency market volatility may be higher. In such market conditions, the dailies in the short-term moving average to long, the debt problem and weak economic growth is ready to give $a knife,European Banking authority ( European Banking Authority) Friday announced after the close of the stock market in Europe bank” stress test”   links of london  results show that 8 banks failed the test, between the United States and Europe struggle intensified, friendship bracelets   as gold prices continued to rise, but attention in price Lasheng process fluctuation rate increase risk.

Secondly, MACD indicator sends Jin Cha signal continues to spread upward, need to pay attention to short-term bull upside risks.  links of london sale charms  From below, the bank funds totaling 2500000000 euros ($3500000000 ), the gold price has touched the Boolean rail pressure


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