RF green laser pointer with remote control are more user-friendly

Laser plus longitudinal magnetic field (magnetic field parallel with the beam), can be two orthogonal circularly polarized light (a L, a right-handed). If the rate of transverse magnetic field (ie perpendicular to the magnetic field and beam) is to get two orthogonal linearly polarized light., It is worth noting: D-Zeeman dual frequency laser light L is not greater than the frequency difference of light 3MHz, which limits its scope of application. 3MHz frequency difference can not be greater than the reason is: Only when the magnetic field increases the frequency difference to increase; but to a certain magnetic field, the L-D optical light and the center frequency of the interval is too large, so that two completely separate line of optical gain, center frequency can not be two-cavity mold for a mold for traction, it can not be a frequency “pulling” into two frequencies. Owing to the adoption of photoelectric technology,   green laser pointer    with remote control will be more convenient for users.
Transverse Zeeman laser output frequency difference smaller than the longitudinal Zeeman laser, generally less than 1MHz, but in other areas of measurement, especially in dual-frequency laser interferometer requires several megahertz, hundreds of megahertz, or even gigahertz frequency poor. laser output frequency difference smaller limits of dual-frequency laser interferometer measurement speed. known by the Doppler principle, the frequency difference Δν = 3MHz, the measurement speed limit of 900mm / s. Thus, the dual-frequency laser interferometer theory of measurement can only reach maximum speed of 900mm / s. In fact, the country can only reach 300mm / s, foreign only to 700mm / s. In order to obtain a large frequency difference, researchers and interferometer, vibration meter manufacturers often the laser into two beams of light emitted, in which the optical path of a beam of light added to acousto-optic modulator, or Bragg component to change its frequency, then the combined light, resulting in tens of megahertz frequency difference. The laser beam of    100mW green laser pointer   with remote control is very stable.
There are also direct the use of two longitudinal modes. There is also the frequency with two different lasers on the beat frequency stabilization of these programs to make the system complicated, more difficult tune installed, the stability is affected. In order to solve this problem, we start of a new dual frequency laser, with a view to breaking the 3MHz Zeeman dual frequency laser frequency difference limits. beginning not think that this was a road of no return. more research content more widely, more deeply explore the more academic content Show more wider in the future there are many things to do. look back and think they do understand, after all, the laser polarization is the common problems of the past, too few of its research. beginning, the standing wave in the general cavity He Ne laser placed in a quartz crystal, because the crystal has a birefringence effect. Therefore, there is no need to take apart   green laser pointer     .
Ordinary light (ordinary light, referred to as the o-ray) and the unusual light (extraordinary light, referred to as e-ray) in the cavity have different optical path, so that would make a longitudinal mode laser split into two, resulting in tens, hundreds or even gigahertz frequency difference output, after which they added to the cavity KD * P electro-optic crystal frequency splitting caused by the phenomenon of stress-induced birefringence frequency splitting phenomenon, a special study, have been orthogonal polarized laser output also the laser frequency splitting technology for Nd: YAG laser, to obtain a difference of several gigahertz frequency output due to the use of quartz crystal (including the wave plate), KD * P, the stress imposed by the optical glass, are utilized birefringence effect. We call this dual frequency laser for the birefringence dual frequency laser. These lasers are the theoretical basis and principles see Chapter 3, the device structure is shown in Chapter 4. Principles of   50mW blue violet laser pointer   with remote control will be introduced at first.    200mW green Laser Pointer      with remote control is composed of a RF remote control.
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