Reliable Male Infertilty Cure

Most of us have gone through that stage in our lives where we prioritize our career and individuality over having our own family. At this stage, we seek help on how to prevent pregnancy. There is of course nothing wrong with wanting to steer our lives in a specific direction, in fact it is wise and responsible to do so. However, we should be aware of the possible limitations in terms of fertility that would be imposed upon us if we choose to wait to start a family at a later age. Some of the more common diagnoses then would be a low sperm count for males or a high FSH for females. Western medicine usually refer to these as infertility but this is a very negative and even hopeless view of the situation. If you look at this “infertility” issue from a holistic point of view, as shown in Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olson, you’ll find that it is nothing but a mere imbalance in your body and that you can still find ways to correct it and produce a child.

One of infertility or hormonal balance’s culprits is stress. We pile up on the stress factor during our 20s through 30s where we are at the peak of our working days, saving up for the future either for retirement or for the family that we want to have. This knowledge should help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and adding stress into your life when you hear news of infertility from your doctor because you know that if you work at it you can restore balance into your body and into your life. Picking up the book The Personal Path to Pregnancy by Beth Kiley should help you on this journey so you can finally conceive the child you so want to have. For starters, you’ll find ideas in this article that you can use to help you get started:

Begin to eat right. If at all possible, it is ideal if you can get into the habit of eating only organic foods. Infertility and exposure to pesticides are observed to be directly proportional. Additionally, both and women should eat food that are rich in antioxidants like Vitamins C and E to combat the effects of toxins being unknowingly taken in. Specifically, Vitamin C has seen to help increase the sperm count in men to as much as 100% while Vitamin E helps increase these sperms’ capacity to swim which is necessary to reach the egg. In women, their fertility is also largely influenced by their body fat. Obesity is also seen to have a major impact in women’s fertility. It is therefore wise to choose to limit fat intake and increase fiber-rich food items in the diet like vegetables and fruits instead. If you want to learn more about infertility treatment, check out Product Comparisons at

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