Raw Eating Five Kinds of Vegetables Can Be More Nutritional

Why should we eat raw vegetables? There are three benefits of raw eating vegetables: first, the vegetables can be eaten raw as far as possible, so you can maximize retain nutrients in the vegetables. Second, the salad is the more natural the better, try not to blanch it as possible. Finally, the vitamin is water-soluble substances, and once the vegetables are blanched, it easily leads to the loss of vitamins. Moreover, raw eating the following vegetables can help you lose weight.


First, cucumber can be eaten after cleaning. Cucumber contains vitamin C, vitamin B family, and many trace minerals. It contains rich nutrients, raw eating is crisp and with refreshing taste. From the nutritional point of view, cucumber skin contain rich nutrient, it should be retained to raw eat. However, in order to prevent the harm of pesticide residues on the human body, cucumber should be soaked in salt water for 15-20 minutes then wash to raw eat. Do not pinch the head and the root when soak cucumber in salt water to maintain the integrity of cucumber, so that the nutrients in the process of bubble lose from the cut surface. In addition, the salad should now do and eat, do not place for a long time after finished, and it will also promote vitamin loss.


Second, many people like to eat raw tomatoes. Tomato is rich in vitamin A, and vitamin A is good for eye protection and after-sun skin repair. Salad tomatoes taste better without sugar, or5 sweet may affect appetite. People with obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure should not eat salad tomato with sugar.


Third, do you like to eat raw bell pepper? The pepper is the most rich in vitamin C foods in all the vegetables. Vitamin C can enhance human immunity, and help protect against various diseases. In summer, people are easy to get hot-cold, and often go out, as well as contact with the outside environment, which also increases the chance of virus infection, so it is necessary to improve their own immunity.


Fourth, it is celery. Celery is rich in crude fiber, potassium, vitamin B2, vitamin of PP, also known as niacin and other ingredients. In the hot summer, it is easy to get angry, resulting in dry stool. Meanwhile, in the hot days, people lose water and are more likely to cause sodium and potassium imbalance. Celery can help people to relax bowel, to regulate sodium and potassium balance. Vitamin PP has an impact on the human skin, nervous system and loss of appetite, if the body lacks vitamin B2, it is easy to cause fatigue and mouth ulcers. Celery leaves contain more nutrients than the stem, gesture, so it can be eaten after boiling.


Fifth, it is Chinese cabbage. It contains high content of dietary fiber and vitamin A, and it is good for eye, slimming, and beauty.


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