Rado Blue Fascination Watch, A Gift Worthy of Showing Off

Many girls not only have the love for beauty, but also have the love for vanity which is not understood by many boys. They like to privately show their new clothing, watch and other things to their good male friends, hoping to get their admiration so as to satisfy their little vanity. The Valentine’s Day is coming. Do not send these things such as rose, chocolate or jewel, for they have not been fresh for girls. You may just as well select for your girlfriend an original unique gift which could become her fastuous capital and which could also enhances your image in your girlfriend’s heart, for example, a Rado Blue Fascination Watch.
This watch must makes your girlfriend burst with joy and arouses other girls to extremely envy. It has unique incomparable advantages which is absolutely worthy of display for your girlfriend in front of her friends. These advantages include: appearance design, material, technology.

The original elegant appearance design
The Rado watches have been always known for original elegant design in the world. This watch fully embodies this design feature of Rado watches. It is just like a bracelet consisted of sapphires, full of the noble temperament. The biggest sapphire is the watchcase, and the other smaller sapphires form the watchband. The platinum frame set with diamonds connects these sapphires together. The clipper-built overall design perfectly sets off the morbidezza of female.
The distinctive material
Different from the common watches, this watch does not adopt the metal as its major material. Surprisingly, the strap and case of this watch are all made of ceramics. In the whole watchmaking industry, Rado Blue Fascination Watch is the first one which uses the ceramics as the material of case and strap.
The most advanced technology
Rado watches are the strongest watches in the world. This watch is one of them. The advanced watchmaking technology is effectively showed by this watch: this is a wearproof watch. It means that no matter how long the watch is used for, it could always keep bran-new appearance. Furthermore, the application of ceramics also reflects the advanced watchmaking technology of Rado. This kind of ceramics is different from the common ceramics. It has highly strong toughness and hardness. In addition, this watch is water resistant up to 30m, and adopts the quartz movement which avoids of frequent winding.
Although the Rado watches have the same world reputation as other Swiss watches, their prices are relatively cheap, and are the discount watches in name and in fact among famous Swiss watches.
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