Quick Hair Transplant Recovery

If the below mentioned points are not followed, problems may occur that involves the decline of the transplanted hair to work well in its new position. However, lots of patients identify that the healing time period should be carried out conveniently and without complications.

Guidelines for Hair Transplant healing process:

Try not to tug or pull the hair or anything that aggravate the scalp as it recovers. In this stage the hair follicles are very sensitive when firstly removed from its place and implanted in another location, this is the time when these hair can be pulled out very conveniently. If the graft will misplace its place, there will be some bleeding at the place of the misplaced graft. If there will be the case and bleeding occurs, put a stiffed pressure on that location by utilizing a clean towel for about 20 minutes.

You will see after some days few cysts, pimples, or ingrown hair may become visible in the place of transplantation. This thing may not be visible firstly, instead appearing about a month after surgery as new hairs emerge out from the skin. This will incline to be settled down on their own within few days, and do not need any kind of medical treatment.

Some of the most important precautionary points are as follows that are frequently asked by many patients of hair transplantation:

  1. Try not to sleep with your head and neck raised and stay away from those activities that may disturb the recovery of the hair follicles.
  2. Prevent using comb or brush to style them during this time span.
  3. Try to avoid coloring them for minimum about a month, it is important to notify that Rogaine or other hair re-growth cerium should be avoided for minimum a week, this may cause intense inflammation during this time period.
  4. Your surgeon may suggest you not to wash your hair for about two weeks.
  5. Avoid smoking during healing time, since this may incline towards poor wound recovery and may enhance the chance of infection or scarring.
  6. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight instead wear a hat to guard your scalp from sunlight for at least 3 months.

The above mentioned guidelines are extremely important to follow very carefully for a person who has recently undergone with the surgery of hair transplantation. In case of any carelessness and negligence, the patient will be failed to achieve the expected results, after all, you wouldn’t like to waste your hard earning money due to any of your minor carelessness.

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