Protect against risk with MT liability insurance

Few businesses would ever open their doors to the public without solid liability insurance in place, and professional massage therapists and bodyworkers should be no exception. Even though practitioners of healthy touch aim to help and heal, the fact remains that   professional massage and bodywork is a business, and a savvy business owner knows the importance of liability insurance.

Fortunately, massage therapy liability insurance is designed specifically for practitioners of healthy touch and the low amount risk these professionals tend to carry in their practices. As a result, massage therapy liability insurance tends to be quite affordable, especially when compared to insurance programs for those who work in high risk professions, such as doctors.

However, just because massage therapy and bodywork are not usually high risk services, this does not mean that professional practitioners can skip the massage therapy liability insurance. Even with a low level of risk, it only takes one legal claim to turn your world upside down. With massage therapy liability insurance in place, you can rest assured that you are covered in case something happens.

As for the kinds of occurrences that might make massage therapy liability insurance a necessity, a few different examples exist. The first is the fact that when businesses open their doors to the public—including massage therapy and bodywork practices—they are taking on the risk of a customer or client suffering an accident on the property of the business.

For instance, a client could be coming in for her appointment and slip or trip on the way through the door. If her stumble and fall results in some kind of injury, then the massage therapist might be faced with a legal claim for the damages. In such situations, the general liability component of your massage therapy liability insurance policy would be there to provide financial assistance and protection.

Another scenario in which massage therapists and bodyworkers will want to have massage therapy liability insurance would be if a client ever believed he or she was injured due to a lack of skill or competence on the part of the professional practitioner. Even if the touch therapist is certain she did not harm the client in any way, shape or form, massage therapy liability insurance would still be enormously useful in assisting the practitioner through the legal process that would follow such a claim.

In these kinds of scenarios, it is the malpractice or professional liability portion of a massage therapy liability insurance policy that is there to offer the necessary coverage. Similarly, the product liability component of massage therapy liability insurance will offer coverage in cases where a client claims damage or injury due to a certain product used in the massage therapy or bodywork practice.

The risk of scenarios such as those described above may be considered low for most massage therapists and bodyworkers, but it’s the type of risk that could severely damage a touch therapist’s career and bank account if it ever did occur. For this reason, it’s smart to secure massage therapy liability insurance.

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