Prevent chronic illnesses is far better than curing it.

Prevent chronic illnesses is far better than curing it.

There are a lot of simple methods you could do to prevent chronic illnesses without the use of medicines. This is the main objective of this website and I truly hope that you will take these methods or exercises seriously because they really work very well for me and my family.

The following is another very simple method to prevent chronic illnesses.

I call this method the “Heaping Stomach Exercise”. As the name suggest, you just use your hands to heap down your stomach. Simple but Effective!

There are some chronic illnesses which even the doctors have no clues to treat you as the cause was unknown. When you have unknown chronic illnesses, you can always find clues by pressing and heaping down your stomach. More often than not, you will find some “block point” in your stomach.

The block point can be a lump, pain, air or perhaps a “pool of foul water”. What you need to do is just to heap down your stomach to disperse it. You will soon realize that your illness will “disperse” too.

But why do we heap down our stomach to treat chronic illnesses? The reason is very simple and unknown to a lot of people. It is due to the block point in our stomach which causes most of the chronic illnesses.

You may not be feeling unwell now, but if you find some block point when you heap down your stomach. You may want to heap your stomach from now on as this could be the forming of the chronic illness in the future.

The method is simple. Heap once when you wake up in the morning, another time before you sleep. When you are free and feeling bored, you could heap your stomach as well.

Some people fart and hiccup when they heap their stomach. This is because the “clear air” in your stomach is rising up and the foul air is going down and out of your stomach.

Some people may feel their stomach having mutter sound. This is because the stomach has “deposited” a lot of foul water. If this kind of foul water is not purged out of the body, you will feel unexplained giddiness and headache. You may have eczema, phlegm, etc.

Therefore, it is better to get rid of all these block points as soon as possible. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure” right?

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