Pregnant Women Should Avoid the Actions to Injury Fetus

It is said that if mother has a bad state or get other adverse stimulus, the baby in the uterus will naturally feel, especially serious harm and even endanger the life of the fetus. So the expectant mother must resolutely avoid the following hazards.


If expectant mother suffer from pregnancy-induced hypertension, gestational diabetes, it may cause fetal abnormalities, and even death at high risk. Even if the mother does not have a significant disease, but if there is no good habits, such as late at night, do not exercise, and overwork, etc., the baby is able to feel this. Therefore, when the expectant mother is sick, they should actively seek medical treatment, in order to control the disease, and make the physical condition of the mother stable, to reduce the harm of other complications. Pregnant mother avoid not taking medicines but cause more serious consequences.


Moreover, during pregnancy, mommy is inevitable because of worry about the health of the fetus, not suit on the changing role, resulting in a bad mood, cause serious depressive disorder suppression. If the mother has too much pressure and the spirit in the poor state for a long time, it may cause fetal growth retardation. After the baby is born, the baby easily has bad temper, irritability, constant crying and other symptoms! Therefore, during pregnancy, mommy should maintain a pleasant mood, family members should give more considerate and caring to mommy, let mommy feel the atmosphere of being loved. Especially the more introverted mommy should take good care of their emotions; when necessary, they need to discuss bulk solution with a doctor and a psychiatrist, so that the hazards are minimized.


Furthermore, strong impact easily leads to preterm labor, rupture of membranes, placental abruption, uterine rupture and all the danger. Even if the impact strength is not to be too serious, but the baby of the belly for the sudden impact often has a startle response. Therefore, after pregnancy, mommy is recommend not cycling, walking should wear non-slip shoes; if you feel the reaction become worse, it is best not to drive, up and down the stairs to pay attention to footsteps, prevent slippery floor, to reduce the harm to the fetus.


In addition, when the fetus is six months, he has already heard the sound of the outside world. If there is noise in the life, it is easy to let the baby lose hearing sensitivity since they are born. The noise also makes the mother upset, and affects the sleep of mother, so that mother has no way to have a good rest, the fetus is the most direct victims. Therefore, during pregnancy, mother in addition to ensuring adequate sleep, they must ensure a good living environment.


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