prada bags outlet stores the “Italian system”

Mainland young master replica prada tote bags process does not lose the eclipse.He said the mainland master than the young, sharp eyes, good workmanship. Europe, very few young people willing to join the old master is a reduced, heritage craft, so that the senior master of the Mainland more in demand.And Prada practical nor shy about talking about the so-called “non-Made in Italy”, and since late last year launched a new series by the introduction of non-Italian production of Prada merchandise, to pay tribute to the artisans around the world. Miuccia Prada, Group Chairman, said, only when the top brands escape the myth of prada bags outlet stores the “Italian system”, “French” system, return to the fundamentals of fashion, repeatedly stressed that the delicate process, continuation of the tradition and quality of the core values ??of really stand out. She said: “Made in Italy, who cares? If you want to defend your work, not simply rely on the strength of the brand … you want to live in today’s society, you must embrace the whole world.

Attractions Tour – Victoria Peak: This is one of the most time consuming of the attractions. Peak Tram up the mountain only by tourists, but only one round-trip cable car access, so we have to wait a long time! The best time to buy a lift ticket to buy, Although expensive but worth a visit Madame Tussauds tickets, see the normally elusive superstar or a great life-like wax figures and taking pictures with their distance – I’ve shot all the way to happiness! 5. Shopping: Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay are two very nice time *** a large shopping mall, prada bags prices Harbour City,fake prada bag, which is as big carrier-class! Shanghai have not even seen such a big shopping mall. Particularly fond of the phrase it slogan: a seaport, there is only one Harbour City. Diet: consumption in Hong Kong is not cheap. Five, six ml bottle of water is forty-five Hong Kong dollars a bottle, 7eleven convenience stores are everywhere, but if we can get Eating, expensive, most cost is 10 dollars a bowl of wonton noodles, followed by cafes, more than 20 bucks you can eat and eat a good meal. Many McDonald’s restaurants, but not Food stalls in Hong Kong films

The group said that, if the Exchange is to ignore their views, they will continue to protest. Despite the obvious, that their position is almost impossible to stop to prada flap leather bag continue to triumph in the Chinese market to break more retail record. In fact, the image of the fashion brand for employees as required not difficult to understand, but when the contradiction is toward intensification, and even the final step on the “dismissal” “tipping” the nature of the entire event will change as well. Finally, regardless of this top hats of the prada bags philippines “discrimination” will therefore firmly buckle in the body of Prada, the incident is still Prada at the critical moment in the Chinese market is difficult to conceal embarrassment.

Prada IPO price per share of between $ 36.5 to $ 48, equivalent to 21-28 times 2011 forecast earnings, according to the Prada sponsor Goldman Sachs report, the 2010 annual global sales, the luxury brand in the cheap prada bags purses top five, ranking the first three LVMH, Richemont and Swatch earnings are less than 20 times, Prada, priced just below the nearly 40 times earnings, Hermes, ranking even higher than the Prada low a Burberry, price-earnings ratio is also only 21 times.


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