PPA Electronics- They’ll set any circuit board alright


It is the era of automation, electricity, and of gadgets. Every little task requires electrical equipment. If you want to talk to somebody, you need a mobile phone, if you want to get entertained- you need a television or a radio, if you want to read a book- you have millions of options via the e-book reader, if you want to meet friends- you can travel in your electrical car- that saves precious petrol money and saves the environment as well.  You want to know what’s happening around the globe- well check out the internet on your computer or laptop.

And the most basic component of these electronic devices is the printed circuit board. According to Wikipedia, ‘a printed circuit board is used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways, tracks or signal traces etched from copper sheets laminated into a non-conductive substrate.

The printed circuit board manufacturers are putting in efforts every day to ensure that the technology becomes better with every passing day. However it is after all electrical equipment. It has all the possibility of breaking down with a regular use. And when a printed circuit board breaks down, the entire internal circuit of the device fails, and hence it becomes imperative to either replace or repair the PCB at the earliest. Here, the printed circuit board manufacturer cannot be blamed.

Nowadays there are websites that provide online repair of circuit board. You can mail them the problem you are facing with your PCB along with a photo so that the repair man can gauge the amount of work required. They will then send you a competitive quote, which is one the lowest in the market. It is very easy to replace your old PCB with a new one, but the cost is very high, and you can get you defunct PCB repaired at 50to 60% lesser the cost of a new one. The service will be done in one to seven days depending on the priority of your requirement. And you are guaranteed a service by professionally qualified repairmen who will ensure that your PCB reaches you as good as new after the repair. And a one year warranty to top it up is an assurance that your friendly neighborhood repair man will never give you.


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