Potential Drawback in Using a CPAP Machine

Sleep apnea is one of the more prevalent sleep disorders in North America.. A CPAP, or continuous positive airway machine, clears the airway during sleep, a common condition of chronic sleep apnea. Some sufferers do fine with these contraptions, but they may prove tricky for others. Like many medical therapies, it is certainly not without its drawbacks.

First off, there is the issue of consistency. For a CPAP device to be of help, a sleep apnea patient has to sleep with it every night unconditionally. It is easy to see how this would be challenging during vacations or business trips.

The constrictive masks used to keep the airways open are prone to problems as well. They can irritate the skin around the mouth and cause rashes. Then there is the issue of the plastic hose. It can make the regular movements that occur during sleep awkward, and this hose can make leaving the bed to go the bathroom a laborious undertaking.

Most adults and children who rely on CPAP find congestion and lack of moisture to be a common annoyance. The air coming from the machine is very dry unless it has a humidifier. Dryness, if left untreated, can lead to breathing challenges, nosebleeds, and unsightly sores.

Many people report disruption in their regular sleeping positions and movements. As using CPAP commonly requires you to lie on your back, many patients find it almost impossible to stay in the same throughout the night; doing so could cause soreness and stiffness. Being forced to sleep in a position that causes discomfort or doesn’t feel natural to you could possibly make you sleep worse than if you didn’t utilize the machine.

CPAP machines can cost a hefty amount, so how much it costs is an issue. These machines are expensive, as are the examinations required to have one prescribed. They cost a great deal of money. Second-hand devices on the internet, but an used machine may be more difficult than it’s worth; there are bacterial issues buyers are often required to cope with, and the second-hand devices can also cost a large amount.

Above all, there are safety worries surrounding these devices. Due to the air introduced into the lungs, the walls of the lungs can become damaged, increasing infection risks.

Overall, a CPAP is still one of the most effective devices used to stop sleep apnea. Many folks have found it simpler than taking drugs, and with all the progress being made to create a safer machine, the CPAP may soon be the least intrusive approach.

The CPAP machine is used to aid folks contending with sleep apnea. It is highly effective and has helped many folks with sleep disorders. However, people talk about several issues that can cause pain and even medical diificulties.

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