Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Whether you want to become an undisputed Pokémon master or want to challenge your friends, you need to know your Pokémon’s IV. In this article, we are going to introduce you how to know your Pokémon’s IV in the Scarlet & Purple version.

Why is it important to know a Pokémon’s IV?

Each Pokemon in the Scarlet and Purple series has its own  IV or “Invididual Value” . This individual value helps determine a Pokémon’s potential. It will also allow you to refine strategies when you participate in matches or training. Note that the value of the IV varies from 0 to 31, and that even, in Pokémon Scarlet & Purple.  

You should know that the higher the IV of a Pokémon, the higher its statistics are also. It is for this reason that most players are looking for a Pokemon with an IV equal to 31 . However, the choice of IV will depend on the strategy the player wishes to adopt. In the next paragraph, we are going to reveal how to know your Pokémon’s IV in Scarlet and Purple .

Tip for determining the IV of a Pokémon?

We’re sorry to tell you, it’s only possible to know the IV of a Scarlet & Purple Pokémon after beating the Elite Four. So if you want to unlock the IV checker, you will need to get the Pokémon Master title in the Paldea region.

After defeating all four Pokémon Masters , the Pokémon Scarlet & Purple credits will play. Then you will have to go to the nearest Pokemon Center. The receptionist will add the Judge function to the party and box menu, which will allow you to check the value of your Pokemons.

To do this, simply pause the game and go to “Pokémon Boxes”. Click on the Pokemon you want to know the IV and press the “Judge” button to activate it. This will give you your Pokémon’s IV in Pokémon Scarlet & Purple.

One last remark to conclude…

You now know how to find out the IV in Pokémon Scarlet & Purple , however, Pokémon caught in the wild will have random IVs. In order to get Pokémon with better IVs that are closer to 31, we advise you to participate in Raid Terra battles with high level stars.

You will thus be guaranteed to get a Pokemon with a higher IV . For example, a 4-star battle will earn you a Pokemon with a perfect IV of 3. To get Ditto, consider participating in 6-star Raid Terra battles. Also note that Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is available on Nintendo Switch .

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