Please Staring At a Reindeer

Reindeer and wolves are allelopathy at grasslands. Their relationship is very unique: they are born in the same plane, and survive in the hostile environment. At the most of the time, they live together peacefully. The wolf doesn’t harassment reindeer, and reindeer is not afraid of wolves.


However in this seemingly peaceful and comfortable atmosphere, it is full of the invisible murderous. The wolf will attack reindeer suddenly, so that the reindeer will get together to form a group to ensure the individual security.


Originally, the wolf had stared at goal. Wolf will scratch a reindeer’s leg. There is no reindeer sacrifice among the deer, but just a deer was injured, so that wolf did not get any food.


In the second day, the same scene will happen again. Every time, the different wolf will attack the same injured deer. The poor reindeer lost a lot of blood and strength gradually, the most serious thing is that it lost the sense of revolting. When it became weaker and weaker, it already will not threat to the wolf. So a group of wolves could gain a deer.


In fact, the wolf is not a threat to reindeer, because of a large reindeer can use the hoof to kick the short wolf, but why the deer became the stomach diet for the wolf? If scratch a same reindeer again and again. The wolf is very smart. After it scratches the deer, the deer’s confidence will be lost, at the end, it collapsed completely. The deer has forgotten it is a strong and also forgets it has the strength to resist the wolf. When the wolves attack it, it has no courage to fight.


Comparing with the wolf, reindeer has an absolute advantage on the body. They are not in the same weight level. The wolf could beat reindeer to create the miracle of nature is not because of the wolf’s powerful and the super power and technology, but for the wolf’s team spirit. Each individual of the wolf team, it could stare at the goal and toward this goal to give full play to their strengths and advantages. At the end, they could win the game.


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