Please Give Yourself a Chance

My friend Jason is a company’s personnel director, the talents hiring after his hand are more than a hundred. If you talk about the topic about employment, he is simply endless. He said he saw most is those young people primarily entering the community, with no social experience, even though many people carry a undergraduate’s or master’s degree, but they in front of the examiner, always showing a kinds of lack of confidence or too tender look. In fact, many opportunities are not that he does not want to give, but they give up.


Once, an undergraduate applied for a job from Jason, Jason looked at his resume and was very interested in him, even had already gave him 70 points in the heart, but in the following the talking came out questions. Jason very casually asked him: “like it or not like the job?” He hesitated and said: “I will slowly like this work.” Jason alerted to ask: “So, this job is not too good for you?” He nodded his head and said: “No way, the professional side I learned is too narrow; it is not easy to find counterparts of the work. You know, what you learn cannot be used is a painful thing.”


Jason thought: you would like to take our company as a springboard. If you have the ideal job, you will immediately quit. Jason wanted to give him, but Jason can see from his resume that he came from a very poor mountainous area, so he decided to give the young man an opportunity. So he quietly said: “You go first, okay? We will make a decision within a week; you can call to ask the result.”


The young man stood up to the door. Jason saw he didn’t ask telephone numbers for him, so he was a bit disappointed. When the young man would go out the door, Jason could not help stopping him, and copying the phone number to him, said: “You can call this number, I am all the time.” The young man took the paper but not looked at it and then put into the pocket, turned silently away. Jason would like, as long as he called, I would hire him. However, the result was that young people gave up.


I do not have the opportunity to interview the youth that has a bachelor’s degree, so I cannot know how he thinks. Does he have no a dollar to call? Or he has been disappointed with the job? Or he found a better job? If he later learned that Jason had intended to hire him, will he not regret?


Sometimes, not others give up you, but you give up yourself.


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