Playing Free Online Games For Fun On Your PC

Free online games is an entertaining website proving several interesting games of various categories. These games are not all hi-fi in graphics, they are simple flash games that are interesting and simple also.

Action Games:-

Piranha Pond:-
The theme of the game and its objective is very simple. Your girlfriend has burst a pearl necklace and all of the pearls have dropped into a pond full of dangerous and hungry piranhas. All you have to do is be brave and collect all the pearls without being eaten by the piranhas. You have to go higher up the level and collect all pearls to achieve a high score.
The controls are just with the mouse. Use the mouse to control the character and in higher levels click the mouse to fire at the piranhas.

BioCage is a scientific fantasy evolution game. You have to hunt, feed and evolve through 45 different evolutions to become stronger and bigger. You will heal when you kill monsters and will also evolve when you feed on dead corpses. Your mutations will depend on what you feed on.
Move with the mouse and click and hold the left mouse button to attack or feed.

King Of Portugal:-
The game is simple and about the king of Portugal who loves to crash cars, but unfortunately in debt now. You will have unlimited credits in the game and you have to use the credits to upgrade your cars and crash them again.
Use up and down arrow to drive and left and right arrow to flip. ‘space’ is used to jump and ‘a’ for nitrous.

Adventure Games:-

Vector Worm:-
Vector worm is a very appealing and addictive game based on the classic game “Snake”. Your objective is to collect body parts, evolve and take advantage of power-ups and avoid the unnecessary power-ups. Your score depends on the body parts but the check is that it decreases with time.

Hidden Numbers- Bucharest 2:-
This game is like the Da Vinci code where you have to find the hidden numbers and objects by clicking on them.

Board Games:-

This is a Mahjong game where you have to just match pairs of identical tiles to remove them from the board. The game ends when there are no identical pairs of tiles. Use the mouse to click and select the tiles ad clear pairs from the board.

The Guillotine game is similar to Hangman. It tests how ling you can survive in the game of words, but in the guillotine style. Use the keyboard to select the letters to make up words.

Fighting Games:-

The Legend of RobinHood:-
Your missions are simple- kill the king and achieve a high score through many different levels. To stay in the game you must stay alive. Use the keys W,A,S,D to move and use 1 and 2 key to attack with sword or Bow and arrow.

Tower Defense:-
The mission is simple. All you have to do is defend the castle and protect the Princess. The mouse gives you complete control.

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