plastic card printing

Gift card is highly popular and rank as the second most given gift by consumer in United States. This trend is becoming popular as it makes the donor free from selecting a specific gift. In 1994, the first gift card was introduced by Blockbuster Entertainment in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This card has same looks and size as of credit card and it is identified by a specific number and code. It is not used by an individual name because in that instance it could be used by anyone. The card has bar code or magnetic strip that is read by an electronic card machine. Very rarely, the amount is stored on the card rather it is recorded in the store’s database that is cross linked to the card ID. Gift cards are divided into two broad categories and they are ‘open loop’ and ‘closed loop’ cards. Open lop cards are issued by banks and credit card companies and the closed loop cards are given by the specific store or restaurant.

Everyone loves to give and receive gift cards on special occasion. It reduces the stress that the gift you bought for your friends or relatives would be liked by them or not. Lately, internet businesses have created websites in which people can sell or exchange their unwanted gift cards. This is like an icing on cake for the user who have received the gift card for the particular store and do not like anything in that store. They can exchange their card on these sites for other cards. Before purchasing any gift card, you should first ponder about the individual whom you are gifting. The type and the value of the card should be according to the taste and the character of the recipient. Sometimes users buy the gift that costs more than the card value, so make it certain that you have activated the card with adequate value. While buying the gift card never overlook the fine print because unreasonable service fees, activation fees, shipping as well as handling charges can put a damper on receiving or giving this type of present. Purchase of gift card is really convenient for you and wildly welcomed by others but following few precautions can increase the value.plastic card printing

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