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“I don’t want your money, and furthermore, I don’t want you.” She pointed to the door with a hand that was kept from trembling only by sheer will. “Get out!” “Fiona—” “At the moment, my lord, this is my home, my sanctuary, as it were, and I do not want you here.” Her voice was cold and hard and it was all she could do to keep it steady. She wanted to scream or cry or both. “It would be best if you took your leave.” “Fiona.” Her own anguish sounded in his voice. He stepped toward her. “I don’t want thi ghd pure s to—” “I don’t care what you want, I want you to go!” She whirled around, grabbed the book off of the table and thrust it at him. “And take this with you. I don’t want to see it or you ever again!” He took the book reluctantly, as if he weren’t entirely sure what he was doing, and stared at her. “Surely you don’t mean that.” “You’re right. I don’t.” She snatched the book out of his hands and hugged it close to her. “It’s my book and it shall serve as a…a…” “A what?” His blue eyes burned with intensity. “What shall it serve as?” “A warning.” She raised her chin. “Against false hopes and raised expectations and men who make promises they do not intend to keep.” He sucked in a sharp breath as though he had just been slapped. Regret washed through her for him and for ghd straighteners herself. “Now, please, go.” “As you wish.” He turned toward the door, then turned back as though he wished to say something more. He stared at her for a moment, then nodded and strode out the door. No!The word screamed inside her head and she started after him. She was nearly to the door when the What had she done? This wasn’t supposed to end like this. It wasn’t supposed to end at all. At this point they were supposed to be well on their way to living the rest of their days happily together. But she couldn’t make him love her any more than she could force him to marry her. And she’d been so certain…. No, shewas certain. She couldn’t be wrong about this, about him. And surely Jonathon would never let her marry the American or anyone else. Or let her walk out of his life forever. She had no idea what to do now, but she had to do something. Perhaps she needed assistance from someone who had far more experience with men than she had. Someone who had more experience with this man in particular. It was not yet too late. Jonathon Effington was the love of her life and Fiona refused to give up on him. And until she was Mrs. Whatshisname there was hope. Jonathon stalked down the sidewalk, his carriage following at a discreet distance, and noted that once again he was walking through the streets after yet another tumultuous meeting with Fiona. If nothing else, the wo ghd hair straighteners uk man was certainly keeping him fit. What on earth had just happened? Jonathon had spent the last few days doing nothing but staring at drawings of naked people or the newly produced copies of drawings of naked people.Her drawings of naked people. Or writing about the desire of two randy gods to possess lovely, nubile nymphs. Or begging favors from Sir Ephraim and paying exorbitant prices to craftsmen to work endless hours to get this blasted book produced. And every moment she’d been there in the back of his mind. Even when he’d slept he’d dreamt of her. How had it gone so horribly wrong? This was not at all what he’d planned when he’d arrived with the copy ofA Fair Surrender under his arm. He had thought she would be delighted with the book, and indeed she had been. He had further thought she’d show her delight with an expression of affection which he would then return, which would lead in turn to all sorts of interesting developments that he had thought he was prepared and even eager for. That it hadn’t happened that way at all was entirely his fault. From the moment he’d walked into the room and she’d smiled at him and, worse, when she’d gazed up at him with those luminous green eyes of hers, claiming to trust him implicitly with his absurd plan to rescue her. And believing, truly believing, that he would do so. Never had a woman looked at him like that. As though he were indeed her knight, her savior, her love. Her fate. Without warning, something inside of him had snapped. At once he was completely overwhelmed and did what any drowning man would do when sinking beneath the waves. ghd sale online Plain and simple, he panicked. He had gasped for breath. He had clutched at anything that might provide salvation and had found it in, well, there was no other word for it but retreat. He’d become cool, remote, reserved. He’d expressed his affection for her in terms of friendship. He groaned aloud.Friendship? And not primarily for her but for Oliver. Worse, he’d called her an obligation, a responsibility. What a dolt he was. What an idiot. What had come over him? He never used to be so It was love, that’s what it was. Why, hadn’t he seen behavior every bit as stupid as his in every one of his friends on occasion? Especially Cavendish. No wonder they’d questioned his passion. It took passion to behave like an idiot. Well, he knew passion now, by God. He’d found love an ghd hair straighteners uk d it was a dreadful, unpleasant thing. It was also too late. He had at last discovered what his father had discovered before him: the one woman in the world he could not live without. Pity he hadn’t realized it when they’d first met. It ce cheap ghd straighteners rtainly would have saved a lot of trouble if he had agreed to marry her and then had actually done it. Now he was going to have to convince her that he wished to marry her. That she was not an obligation. That he loved her. It wouldn’t be easy, given his behavior today. But it would be a challenge. And hadn’t he told his friends challenge was one of the qualities he had wished for in a wife? Fiona was indeed the perfect woman for him. She was everything he’d ever said he’d wanted. Everything he’d ever wished for. God help him. Or rather, God help them both. Twelve The next night, anyone who was anyone in London and a great number of those who aspired to be anyone but were, in truth, still not entirely of consequence, flocked to Lady Chester’s Twelfth Night Ball in hopes of being seen or seeing or for the simple, yet satisfying, purpose of being able to say one was there and thus elevate one’s position to that of anyone… “She is not at all as I expected,” Warton said under his breath, his gaze fir ghd mk4 straighteners mly fixed on Fiona on the dance floor in the arms of yet another disgustingly eager gentleman. “Norcroft, you said your cousin was fat. With freckles.” “I don’t believe I said fat,” Oliver murmured. “Plump, perhaps, but not fat.” “She is plump in all the right places.” Cavendish too could not keep his gaze from Fiona. It was most annoying. Jonathon gritted his teeth. Still, they were his friends, and loyal friends at that. No matter how irresistible they found Fiona, they would not act on the attraction. Unlike every other man in the room. “Look at them. They are like wolves with the scent of fresh meat in their nostrils.” Disgust sounded in Jonathon’s voice. “Lamb,” Warton said absently, then glanced at Jonathon and winced. “My apologies.” “Accepted,” Jonathon muttered, and stared at Fiona and her current partner. Not that he, or anyone else, could tear his gaze away. Fiona Fairchild was a vision tonight, even lovelier, “So, have you thought of something? Some sort of plan?” Warton glanced at Jo ghd hair straightener south africa nathon. “Anything at all?” “He has filled my house with roses,” Oliver said wryly. “My mother was most impressed, as were the younger Miss Fairchilds ghd sale . Personally, I thought a dozen would have been more than sufficient. How many did you send?” “One dozen for every month of the year,” Jonathon muttered. “It was symbolic.” “And my idea, if you recall.” Cavendish grinned. “The roses, that is, not the symbolism. I don’t think there’s a woman alive who can resist roses. Especially not in a lavish, extravagant and obviously costly display. Women like knowing a great deal of money has been spent to please them.” “It seems somewhat desperate to me,” Warton said mildly. “Iam desperate,” Jonathon snapped, then looked at Oliver. “Did Fiona say anything to you? About the flowers or me, or anything at all?” “With the exception of the ride here—and do keep in mind my mother was in the carriage with us, which does tend to inhibit discussion of certain matters somewhat—I have not had the opportunity to speak with my cousin about you.” Oliver tried and failed to hold back a grin. “Although my mother did think the roses were far more significant than Fiona’s offhand explanation of friendship and a shared i cheap ghd straighteners nterest in literature.” “Is your mother ghd mk4 straighteners on my side, then?” Jonathon brightened. Having the support of Fiona’s aunt certainly would not hurt his efforts. “My mother is on the side of anyone who might be a potential husband for Fiona.” Cavendish narrowed his eyes in confusion. “I thought last night you said your mother didn’t know about the stipulations of her brother-in-law’s will.” “She doesn’t, but she is well aware that Fiona is five and-twenty.” Oliver shook his head. “That in and of itself is enough to send my mother hunting for prospective husbands. She has brought up the subject on almost a daily basis since my cousin’s arrival.” “Which might serve me well,” Jonathon said thoughtfully. “I still think you need a plan,” Warton said. “A course of action.” “I am open to any suggestions.” Jonathon’s gaze lingered on Fiona. She smiled up at her partner and his stomach clenched. He didn’t like that radiant smile of hers being bestowed on anyone save him. And he didn’t like this business of being in love one bit. The men had agreed, however, that Fiona absolutely had to be wed and blissfully happy long before she ever learned that there were no orders forA Fair Surrender nor had Jonathon ever intended for there to be. Given her reaction to his offer to provide her complete inheritance, the friends were confident she would not take this deception well either. And as much as they had all sworn oaths on each and every dead ancestor that had come before them never to reveal the truth to her, each and every one present knew that it was inevitable that so ghd sale shop meday, in some manner, she would learn the truth. No matter how many precautions a man took, women always learned the truth. At least in their collective experience. “I said it last night and ghd hair dryer I shall say it again. I

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