Physicist Hodgen advertises for the technical assistant

Britain renowned physicist Stephen · Hodgen individual website issues the news saying that Hodgen plans to advertise for a technical assistant, requests to understand the computer and electronics, can help his public discourse, the processing media and the public question. Being hired next February last ten days of the month will take office, the yearly salary about 25,000 pounds (will be approximately equal to 38,500 US dollars). Pure technical post The website introduced that the employment advertise position was Hodgen’s technical assistant, but the non-research physics’s postgraduate candidate or the post-doctorate, were a pure technical post, helped Hodgen “in the physical educational world display function, the publication public discourse”. A Hodgen individual website’s picture explained the employment advertise request vividly. Above the picture has this kind of line of characters: “you can maintain these?”On the chart is Hodgen’s wheelchair Nike Free 4.0 back, full is the winding coil and the electronic installation. The website said: “if your answer is `energy ‘, we hoped that receives your incoming letter.” The website request, intends the applicant to be able along with Hodgen and the medical group in Britain domestic and the foreign trip, estimates in one year about 3 months in overseas; Can operate, maintain Hodgen’s wheelchair and the matching facilities; Can prepare the public discourse and the course graph; Can process the media and the public inquired that maintains Hodgen’s individual website. Can work under the pressure The website said that intends the applicant to need to have various skill, most importantly can work under the pressure, understands the computer and electronics, can in not have the handbook instruction or in the technical support situation maintains Hodgen to use the computer system, can face the public to speak, how can demonstrate to other people to use the complicated nike free tr system. The official want ad will issue in mid-January in 2012. The interested persons may from the Hodgen individual website downloading application form. The website is called this position “Professor Hodgen’s graduate student assistant”, by Cambridge University subsidization, takes a research position. Being hired will start from next February 20th to 27th to work, the yearly salary estimate is 2 0.5 pounds, the accurate salary later will be determining. The enrollment contract period is one year. However, formerly attained the proper name graduate student assistants who hires continuously to hold an office for several years. Small wheelchair high-tech Hodgen currently 69 years old, and so on enjoys a good reputation the scientific circles by the black hole research and the quantum cosmogony, wears has “Time Brief history”, “In Husk Universe”, “George Leads to Universe Secret Key” and so on popular science works, is honored as after Albert · Einstein Nike Free 5.0 most outstanding theoretical physics scientist. The Hodgen academic success is striking, actually fully suffered the indisposition to suffer. When his 21 years old diagnoses suffers from the motoneuron disease, the body more and more does not listen to direct, in 1970 started to use the wheelchair, has not been able to leave again. in 1985, Hodgen moved one time has put on the trachea surgery, henceforth completely lost the speech ability, depends upon a computer which and the human the wheelchair connected exchange. When he “speech”, twitches the first cheek muscle, on eyeglasses’ infrared sensor received signal spreads to the computer, designated that wanted to say the word, the synthesis sound. This computer can also connect Internet, dial telephones. On the wheelchair also has the infrared remote control equipment, facilitates Hodgen opens turning off a light, the television and the gate in the home or the office. nike free run

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