Personal Emergency Alert Systems – Options You Can Explore

Alarm systems provide senior citizens with the feeling of safety and a complete sense of security. This sense of security comes from the assurance that immediate help is available by simply pressing a button, in case of a fall, illness or injury, when accessing the telephone is not possible for a person unable to move. In this article, we will learn about various personal emergency alert systems that are of great assistance to aged parents and grandparents.

Monitored and Non Monitored Services

In the case of a company providing monitored services, an alarm is activated first. Thereafter, the provider will evaluate the situation and dispatch emergency responders, in case there is an injury, illness, or accident. If the nature of the crisis is not life threatening, a member of the family or a neighbor is informed.

Non monitored options, on the other hand, are affordable and less expensive. In this case, a medical alarm service option offer assistance by simply dialing pre defined numbers that might include 911, friends, family or neighbors.

Button Operated Alarm

You will find medical emergency alert system that operates by simply pressing a button on a watch, pendant or any other transmitting apparatus. Once the switch is pushed, a senior member of the house is connected with a monitored system, via the phone line to a dispatcher, who evaluates the situation. Thereafter, immediate medical aid is sent to help an elderly member who has suffered a fall or an injury. You need not worry if the there is an interruption in communicating the problem. The tele-health provider will assume there is a problem and send for aid without any delay.

USB Gadget

USB devices are used so that life saving information can be communicated to doctors, physicians, and service providers, in case a patient has blacked out, or have become suddenly unconscious, and is not in a position to speak. Elderly grannies, grandpas, or any other family member can use a USB device with ease and convenience. All details pertaining to the patient, such as medications, medical record, disabilities, allergies, and who to inform are entered in a form and saved on a memory card inside the apparatus. Doctors or the service provider can easily access all the data using a PC.

Devices with Multiple Functionality

There are personal emergency alert systems with multiple functionality. Such devices have a speaker and a wireless communicator. With the push of a button, the speaker is activated and the device helps in a two way communication between a senior citizen and the provider. The dispatcher, after understanding the situation instantly sends for help.

So, you see there are several options that one can opt for. It all depends on the nature of the crisis, according to which an apparatus is chosen. However, it’s important to note that elderly citizens should rely on tele-health companies that have been in business for some time, and offer affordable services. Other aspects that need consideration are battery life of the apparatus, battery backup, ease of use, and monthly charges. One should not opt for something that is too expensive to afford.

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