Perfume Ingredients Lead To Infertility

Most ladies like the perfume every much. Especially in the hot summer, women like to sprinkle perfume on the body before going outside. According to the perfume, it can make women more harmful. After reading this news, many women are afraid of beauty: Perfume can really lead to infertility?


Some perfume with musk can cause female infertility.


At first, perfume ingredients lead to infertility.


For perfume ingredients, whether imported or domestically produced, flavor, essential oils, pigments and so on are the most important. Some women perfume sometimes like some of the “temptation” series, they will join the female hormone substances. Even some perfume will generally join musk. These ingredients for women can lead to infertility.


At second, the reason of the perfume to cause infertility.


At first, we look at perfume additives. Some artificial flavors especially for cheap perfumes will contain some chemicals such as formaldehyde, which is the most typical. If female touch it for a long time, it will cause abnormal levels of female hormones. Even if the women pregnant, it can also cause fetal malformations.


Secondly, some hormone-like substances can increase female charm. After women using them, women would lead to endocrine, serious disorders, excitement, disorders and other problems. Female infertility has a great relationship with endocrine disorders which cause the abnormal ovulation.


Finally, some perfume because adding musk can cause female infertility. This is because musk is the contraception drugs in Chinese medicine.


Age-appropriate number of female friends must pay attention to their daily habits. For some irritating things, they should avoid touching as much as possible, so they can ensure to have healthy babies.


There are also some women pay attention to the clean, so they often used some expensive perfume to wash the vagina, which can cause vaginal self-protection function weakened and immunity decreased to lead to gynecological inflammation. When it reached a certain extent, it will affect infertility. In fact the vagina has the function to clean itself. If you often use perfume to clean, it damage the vagina itself balance to lead to the occurrence of some diseases.


When women friends purchase perfumes, they should select a lower musk perfume ingredients. In daily life, they should not use the perfume frequently especially for the pregnant women.


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