Pearl necklace DeJie’s gift links of London

September 14 morning, along with 2011 shenzhen international jewellery show and jewelry festival opening at the same links london charms time, the international jewellery trade center successfully full house, the center with one thousand yuan worth of pearl necklace truth in the feedback and the elder sisters, celebrate jewelry of carnival. The exhibit a quarter in during the launch of the “surge” fashion “enjoy, elegant move” campaign will links london bracelet continue to the end of this month, from 14 to 18,, the international jewellery trade center successfully every day of 100 fine jewelry send gifts.
14 minutes at eight in the links london friendship bracelets morning to the center of the square before successfully in line, Mr Ma told reporters he this is the third time to successfully center “jewelry send’s” activities. According to her previous participated in the activities and experience, the scene much more special, so he went early to links of london sweetie bracelet come out from the nanshan district, park is appropriate, hope to get a good CaiTou catching the early holiday. And it’s Mr. Chen said excitedly, “this year could finally to successfully get the free jewelry center!” Last year he listen to the radio for free and the center that successfully send peace clasp, but couldn’t come because of go to work. Today he is just YeBanChe, so very early time came to jewelry and send the scene. “This pearl necklace gave my wife here.” After get hold of a links of london friendship bracelet gift, and Mr. Chen a face of happy. The form and the before the activity through the shenzhen radio and mobile phone text messages to the good news that, as long as the id card, driving license and registration paper by will receive. A matter of an hour, 100 a exquisite pearl necklace gift has been brought out. There are ten day of more than 100 places in his not within center successfully prepared A specially links small gifts-purple apricot elim provided by A fine jade pendant goods. According to information, activities for five days, and successfully received shenzhen’s DeJie centres of more than one thousand, and we are the true meaning links of london charm of the center to successfully distinctions be grateful. “Jewelry send’s” activities by ordinary citizens and close the distance between the jewelry. In shenzhen jewelry ‘exhibit a quarter’ period, between the manufacturer and the passenger and exhibition center between, let a lot of home and abroad to learn more about the jeweler shenzhen jewelry. For this reason, special order successfully links of london jewellery center gifts, return they toil. The center held successfully traditional activities also fully embodies the “exhibit a festival” based on industry, gripping the market, to provide benefit to people’s target, by hosting many, many kinds of forms of discount activity, let ordinary citizens and professional buyers can enjoy links london sale shenzhen jewelry industry advantages bring benefits, let jewelry quarter and become the jewelry citizens makes dinner.

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