PDF Converter Pro for Mac- How to convert PDF files to word/powerponit/excel/epub/html on Mac with Mac PDF Converter

PDF Converter Pro for Mac- how to convert PDF files to other formats on Mac with Mac PDF Converter

PDF format presents so many advantages. It can convert a source file into PDF file, and then the file will become compact and small. It can be created from almost any source document. It is securable and no access to viruses because we can set encrypted protection on the PDF file. Well, here is the question. When you are enjoying the easier work, what can you do to open a encrypted PDF file send by others? You are so eager to open the PDF file and print it, meanwhile, the PDF file has be set to prevent user from opening, printing, and duplicating. Is there any possible way to help you get out of this trouble? Yes! This problem has been well solved since the successful development of PDF Converter Pro for Mac.

Mac PDF Converter is such a powerful software. It can help Mac fans to convert PDF to Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, EPUB eBook, HTML pages, and Text document. The previous trouble we came across when we try to deal with the encrypted PDF files will be easily solved in a few seconds. The most powerful function of Mac PDF Converter Pro is its OCR operation. It can convert image-based scanned PDF files to the above mentioned formats fast and accurately.

How to convert PDF files to word, epub, html, flash on Mac with PDF Converter Mac?

Step 1: Import PDF files into PDF Converter Pro for Mac

Users can drag-and-down the PDF files into the program directly. The PDF files will appear like this.

Step 2: Choose the output format you like

Click the icon on the selected format. There are Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, HTML Document, Text Document, and Electronic Publication format available for you to choose from.

Step 3: Covert PDF files

Now, the whole conversion can be successfully achieved just by clicking the Convert button on the bottom right. At the same time, there will be a process bar indicating the process of conversion.


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