Pay Attention to the Health Details of Going Shopping

In most supermarkets, bulk food, dried fruit, candied fruits and frozen dumplings, rice balls and other food have no dust-proof facilities, which are directly exposed for customer to choose. Although some of the containers have a dust-proof cover, it is also non-existent; when nobody buys them, they show opened state for a long time. Before buying, some customers generally use hands to grab the rice and then put them back, which will cause contamination to the bulk food. So the consumers should be careful to buy this kind of foods.


Once experts conducted a survey towards the using frequency and degree of pollution of the car baskets in some large supermarket, and they pointed out that the shopping baskets or the small carts should be cleaned and disinfected at least 2 to 3 days. However, the handles of many large supermarket carts or shopping baskets are greasy, and the grid or corners, as well as at the bottom of the baskets are soiled, and there are variety of residues.


Well, one of the important conditions for bacteria growth and reproduction is the temperature. The temperature is more appropriate, the faster the breeding is. Because the supermarket is very warm, it is an ideal place for germs habitat. When the people suffering from respiratory tract infections cough, sneeze and talk here, there are often droplets to be sprayed, so the pathogen also will be attached in the cargo basket. Moreover, as for one basket, hundreds of thousands of people have carried it; during this time, it is inevitably infectious by the bacteria contamination discharged by people with viral hepatitis and tuberculosis bacteria. Even if healthy people carry the basket, due to each hands contaminated with the bacteria is different from their bacteria resistance, so it may also occur infection.


Furthermore, when customers go shopping, you need to pay attention to the health status of the shopping cart or shopping basket; try your best not to use the shopping basket or cart as possible; if you have to uses the shopping basket, you should pay attention to cleaning or disinfecting your own hands after you go home. In addition, the people with low immunity, such as old people, patients or pregnant population, are best not to go shopping, because supermarkets are mostly closed very well, and the air does not circulate, so when influenza and other infectious diseases constantly appear, it is easy to infect bacteria.


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