Past Lives Remembered

Do you feel unwanted? Are you suffering from addiction of any sort? Are you always being bullied or victimized for a reason you doesn’t even know? Do you have anger issues? How about your relationships, are they good? Do you seem to lack something even though you almost have everything? You have probably not even considered Regression Therapy before.

If you tried everything in your power to deal with these problems, frustrated, angry for lack of results. Still have them to deal with. This article is a MUST read . Maybe you have never considered Regression Therapy, are curious to know if it can help in solving your problems. Regression therapy is one of the tools that can be used to help unlock your minds power. virtually releasing emotional baggage plaguing your life.

Regression therapy is said to bring someone out of the darkness and confusion they have been living in, and shedding some light on their life. It involves taking a person back through their lives and bringing them to terms with things that have happened. Despite it being a form of hypnosis, the person is fully conscious during this.

These past experiences can include experiences from the adulthood of the client, their adolescence; even all the way back to their prenatal stage!

However, ‘Past Life Regression’ is another name for ‘Regression Therapy’ takes this a step up, taking clients back in time, before conception; back to a time before their previous life. This s time for healing both physically and emotionally in a positive way.

It is difficult for many people to accept this concept. Unless you are deeply religious, most people believe that when you die you die; but there is now so much evidence to show that this current life is just one of many.

Some clients for example have reported detailed memories of fighting in a historic war, others speak of hunting in the Stone Age and yet others recall their present spouse from a former life.

What is fascinating is when clients can actually verify info physically about situations they think of during the session of past life regression therapy. This is accomplished by examining old county, parish, and other records.

Although not reported very often in the mainstream media there are actually thousands of well documented reports of children that are able to recall their past lives in great detail. They have also met and recognised people that they had been related to in their past life.

Around the world, there are astounding reports that have children accurately remembering their recent past lives and actually meeting people who were related to them, in their past life.

Regression therapists have a term called ‘Faulty Thoughts’.Negative thoughts the individual created in the previous life and carrying emotional problems into the present life. This certainly explains the phase ‘what goes around, comes around.’

The person who has created these negative feelings can get relief by releasing these feelings in order to allow their energy field to be molded into a positive one. Forgiveness, re-patterning and karmic repayment are all ways of releasing these negative feelings.

The forgiveness part of this have a biblical basis as in ‘Do to others as you would have them do to you.’ The karmic repayment, (based on the word karma (which is neither good nor evil; it is the uttering of our mentality that tells us what we should be doing because of results of our past actions), means correctly changing your negative behavioral patterns with the purpose of repaying them.

A person must use remedial action to transform the energy field into one of gentleness, care, tranquility and harmony.

Although sometimes tiring, Regression Therapy is said to be life changing. Most clients say this procedure resulted as a positive attitude, renewed outlook of life and becoming a stronger person.

However you need to make a commitment to yourself. It is no use just finding out the details of your previous life if you are not going to see it through to the end and positively change the way you feel about what happened in the past.

Regression therapy offers a truly unique way of looking at the human mind and personality and whether to help with problems you may be having or to satisfy your curiosity about past lives, it is something worthy of your consideration.

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