Pakistan Taliban that will avoid kidnapping or killing North face store

According to the United States National Broadcasting Company reported on
January 3rd, in Pakistan Taliban North face store recently declared, they will try to avoid the
abducted or killed innocent civilians, but will continue to launch attacks on
Dutch act, and the security forces of Pakistan and its allies fight. In
addition, they will also continue to participate in the attacks in afghanistan.
North face store

Pakistan Taliban spokesman IHSAN Nuri La IHSAN ( Ihsanullah Ihsan ) said:” we
did and three other Taliban main organization — Maulvi Nazeer, Hafiz Gul
Bahadur and the Taliban in Afghanistan North face store signed an agreement, to avoid killing
innocent civilians, to kidnap hostages for ransom. But we have agreed to stop
attacks on Dutch act or stop and the security forces of Pakistan battle.”
North face outlet

IHSAN says, Pakistan and Taliban did not declare any cease-fire agreement, the
future without such plans, their members will continue operations in Pakistan.
He also denied that Pakistan Taliban is the North face store target to afghanistan. He said: “for
us, Pakistan and Afghanistan are equally important, so we can’t stop here
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IHSAN also denied that the Taliban leadership faction, called ha Hakimullah
Mehsud Ma Ha ( Hakimullah Mehsud ) remains Pakistan Taliban ‘s supreme leader,
and wool Lana Wali Rachman ( Maulana Waliur Rahman ) is still his deputy.

The man named Bobby Adak ( Bapi Adak ), who North face store is 30 years old. Investigators say,
Adak in October with his wife Sue tower ( Suchitra ) quarrel, his wife took
their 8 year old son ran away from home. In December 30th, Soviet times tower
back to the neighbor and friend Sue Geert Biswas ( Sujit Biswas ), she refused
to back the next husband’s home.
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In January 2nd, Adak again to the neighbor and his North face store wife met the request of
reconciliation, but without success. Adak feel discarded, then the ignition
self-immolation. The neighbor ‘s hand failed, the results of the two people were
badly burnt, is now in hospital rescue. Investigators found the Dutch act from
Adak, confirmed the self-immolation plan formulated in advance for adak.

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