Pablo Antoniazzi Has More Than Two Decades of Marketing and Sales Experience

Pablo Antoniazzi has been working in the financial sector for many years.  He possesses extensive experience of working with banks and many financial institutions. In his long successful career, he has worked with various prominent financial organizations such as Bank Boston Foundation, GreenPampas Inc., Kimberlyn Investment Corporation and many more. He has the ability to service systems and train customers.

With excellent expertise in arena of banking, Pablo Antoniazzi believes in making strong bonding with the customers. He is involved in various business activities such as export-import, project funding thus creating a pool of loyalty for clients. At Estrategia Investimentos, Pablo Antoniazzi is the Director of corporate projects in all offices of the financial institution.  It has been serving the financial needs of small entrepreneurs for more than 30 years. Over the period of time, Estrategia has expanded its services to include international financial centers in USA, Europe and Asia. It has started creating a name and position for itself by maintaining all the tenets of international banking and managing all the exposure risks as per the Basel III norms. The company has created working joint ventures with various East European banks, developed relations with banks all across the globe to provide multiple services to their global clients.

Pablo Antoniazzi went to Colegio San Juan el Precursor in San Isidro Buenos Aires Argentina to complete his Bachelor Sciences and Commercial Education. He completed his MBA and Masters in Finance from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa. He has also done specialization courses in Exports and Imports and Marketing Strategies. A dedicated and highly professional individual, Pablo Antoniazzi is a true asset for any organization he works with. His colleagues as well as his peers in the business world look up to him for guidance and inspiration. For more information about Pablo Antoniazzi and Estrategia Investimentos, please browse through

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