Owners of the full amount to buy a house by the developers mortgage can not handle real estate licen

September 30 , 2010 , Mr. Jia in the city of North Inner Mongolia No. 37 – Pacific New York Jets Jerseys Jardine Apartment purchased in the first door room submitted to the A year later, Mr. Jia went Chicago Bears Jerseys to Qingdao City Real Estate Trading Center formalities , but found that the full amount to buy the house developers, mortgage out .
September 6 , 2011 , Mr. Jia took the developer to his material, full of joy to the real estate transaction center , ready to handle real estate license to own house procedures . However, Mr. Jia accident , the staff does not even apply to their own .
staff given the simple reason that that house developers mortgaged . Mr. Detroit Lions Jerseys Jia wonder this house , I obviously have the full amount to buy it ! want to apply for real estate license to find developers . reply.

Mr. Jia why the full amount bought a house , will be developers mortgaged ? If the developers know that their behavior will lead to Mr. Jia do not see a real estate license, why should we give Mr. Jia material ?

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