Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens is the premier & specialist for extending your home’s living space into your outdoor environment with custom culinary spaces designed to enhance your unique cooking and entertaining lifestyle.Custom Design Our custom culinary systems can be designed and configured to suit a wide range of outdoor environments.Outdoor Kitchens com is to enhance the living environment of the home owners and increase the enjoyment of the outdoor living space.Outdoor Kitchens Outdoor kitchens with proper designs provide the same functionality as their indoor equivalents.See More About: outdoor living spaces hardscape patios backyard fun.Outdoor kitchens are examples of what we might term “upscale outdoor living areas ” While any area outdoors can easily be transformed into an outside living area, in the broadest sense a simple chair under an awning goes a long way! , these open-air meal centers are meant to provide the same functionality as their indoor equivalents.Outdoor kitchens should bridge the gap between the house and landscape.Outdoor kitchens closely matched with their indoor counterparts serve as an extension of the home; they are usually designed to mimic the style and flow of an indoor kitchen to enhance functionality.Also, outdoor pizza ovens or open-flame cooking ranges would not be used in an indoor kitchen.While its design is often an extension of its interior counterpart, the functionality of an outdoor kitchen can and should allow it to act independently.A Interior design principles and practices are being applied to outdoor kitchens in new and interesting ways.Outdoor Kitchen Designs, Plans, Ideas, & Pictures.

Find ideas and inspiration for designing your outdoor kitchen including plans, pictures and more from DIYNetwork com.For spending time outdoors with your family or to entertain friends, there are few better options than an outdoor kitchen.Patio Kitchen Prep Getting Started on an Outdoor Kitchen.Outdoor Kitchens :: Design Guide , Ideas & Tips.Guide & Tips to get you started in designing your own Outdoor Kitchen.Outdoor Kitchens add to the real estate value of a home.Consider yourcostin outdoor kitchens as an investment.Let our professional designers help plan your outdoor kitchen and/or outdoor cabinets.Outdoor kitchen cabinets built to last a lifetime.Outdoor Kitchen Cabinetry by WerEver featured on DIY Network.The strongest, most-proven outdoor cabinetry for outdoor kitchens , our unique weatherproof cabinetry is designed to last a lifetime.Our outdoor cabinetry has been thoroughly tested in laboratory conditions, but most importantly tested in the real world for over ten years.Gallery Browse a selection of our preferred products from a wide-range of top culinary brands to meet your unique Outdoor Kitchen needs.Find out more about outdoor kitchen sinks, lighting, countertops, storage, grills, refrigeration, and more.Outdoor Kitchens – Photo Gallery – The Concrete Network.Outdoor Living Outdoor Kitchens and Living Rooms.Trust our team to guide you through the process of creating the perfect cooking and entertainment space that’s as functional as it is engaging.We provide everything you need; from expert guidance on how to configure a culinary environment that will meet your unique needs, to a wide-range of top-of-the-line products.Regardless of design, these features entail a substantial investment and assume an owner to whom entertaining and al fresco dining are important.

In addition to the present article, which provides an overview on the subject, you may access resources targeted to more specific aspects of creating cooking and dining areas in the yard by clicking on one of the links below:.Brick Ovens Well-planned designs can be a boon to homeowners for whom entertaining and al fresco dining are of not inconsiderable importance.I conducted an interview on design considerations with Steve Cafiero, Co-owner / General Manager of Habersham Gardens.Components generally designed for areas outside include ovens sometimes pizza / brick ovens , refrigerators, sinks, prep areas, bars, and plenty of storage spaces customized to the house and designed to protect the appliances, etc.From a design standpoint, the building materials and appliances should coincide with the indoor kitchen.Obviously, a grill would not be used indoors.Items such as appliances, sinks, bars, storage, etc help to create full and usable spaces outside that allow homeowners the ability to prepare gourmet meals without ever setting foot inside their houses.With proper design and installation, homeowners should not have to move back and forth between indoors and out to cook.Q Steve, can you give us more insight into the design principles behind the creation of these spaces outside?.This many times includes starting with a design scheme related to similar colors, styles and personal preferences.Thus, the project goal of some expert design / build companies is to augment the living space seamlessly between exterior and interior areas.

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