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Gio Fuhuo in 1977 by designer Rees Specific (Geoff Hollister) creation of Sports West series. As the first developed particularly for runners and hoodie came. Geoff is at the moment a designer for Nike Sportswear, reference towards the time when their antique layout, the new number of 1977 Athletics West (AW77) new products.

Nike AW77 series in  the campaigns work to send a leader to take AW77 number of posters, which includes a 08-09 season and Finals MVP Kobe Bryant, the initial tennis beauty Maria Sharapova, hip-hop queen cable Brazilian striker Alessandro Pato genius, the king of clay Rafael Nadal, Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao as well as a large list of big names. The film crew from the style photographer David Sims and stylist Karl Templer well-known composition. Kobe six Grinch Apple Green X-mas Shoes ,Model or no matter whether the team photographer unprecedented growth, we can see Nike AW77 series of interest.

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