Online Self Designed Best Dress shirts for men and women

Every businessperson needs to convey credibility and good taste. Their business suits and business dress shirts need to fit like custom tailored business dress shirts. Best Dress Shirts provides custom tailored dress shirts for men and women of all shapes and sizes. All dress shirts from Best Dress Shirts are made-to-measure and made of 100% cotton.

Best dress shirts weather they are customized men dress shirts or they are exclusively designed as women dress shirts. There are some very strict rules to how to design best dress shirts for either of sex, in best dress shirts we take care of these fundamental rules as our motto. Because we believe that what best dress shirt is designing should be exclusively the best dress shirts available in the market either they are for business men dress shirts or for business women dress shirts.

  • The dress shirt is a button-up shirt with a collar and long sleeves.
  • It is cut differently than the sport shirt, which is made to be worn open-necked and do not look awkward with a Men’s Silk Ties.
  • The dress shirt is designed to carry a jacket and tie, but can be worn without one or the other, or with neither.
  • Various dress shirts with different sorts of collars are appropriate for different ranges of attire. There are several types collars one can choose according to the occasion or as he or she is comfortable in for example there are;
    • Turn Down collars.
    • Point collars.
    • Cutaway or Spread collars.
    • Button down collars.
    • Saint-Tropez.
    • Round collars etc:

At best dress shirts one can design not even from the above mentioned styles but   there are several more available for your occasion or for comfort ability.

  • ·         As we have discussed the collars there are several types of cuffs to choose from depending upon your business attire as needed:
  • French cuff dress shirts.
  • Round button cuff dress shirts.
  • Cut corner cuff dress shirt.
  • Square one button or square two button cuff dress shirt.
  • o   French cut cuff dress shirt.
  • o   Round cut cuff dress shirt.
  •   There are more factors involved when one is buying or designing his or her shirts with the help design dress shirt online features which can involve selection of :
  • o   Front Placket of your dress shirt weather you want to wear No Placket Shirt, Placket Shirt or Covered Placket Shirt.
    o   How do like to wear your own designed dress shirt weather it would be Normal fit, slim fit or loose fit.
    o   How do you want your dress shirt back looks like, it would be Plain, Drafts, Side Pleats or Box Pleated.
    o   How your dress shit bottom look like weather it should be Round, Straight, Cut or Straight cut.

A dress shirt should fit snugly without restricting movement.

At best dress shirts we take care of all these things and many other requirements. At Best Dress Shirts help men and women design dress shirts online easily. You can choose from hundreds of shirt fabrics, numerous collar types, colorful buttons, contrast collars and contrast cuffs, woman French cuffs, etc., to create the best dress shirt.

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