Online Pottery The Potter’s Wheel Continues to Turn and Mould Magic!

Online pottery is big business today.

True. You should not be surprised if you see your friendly and humble neighbourhood potter grown into something akin to a corporate honcho who hardly has the time to scratch his hair and moves or rather zips around in limo and jet sets across nations finishing up export deals for his or her pottery ware. Now, this may seem a bit far fetched a scenario, but al the same, the fact remains that pottery is big business today all over India as a in the rest of the globe.

Pottery, the ancient craft of moulding clay into fine cooking pots, flower pots, vases, and what not has developed and rather emerged from the confines of being in a cottage industry to today occupy space in the world wide web and also in the process offer livelihood to countless people. Indeed, the potter wheel has spun enough over the centuries to make this rather seemingly gigantic jump into big time online retailing of pottery products. Online pottery is the way to go in the future.

Online retailing of pottery products has come of age!

There are quite a few online players selling through the internet all that the potter makes and more. What is more, we are not only talking about the readily available domestic market here. There is also a willing international audience that is ready to gobble up anything that comes their way. And why not? After all, the quality of all these pottery stuff is world class and is so durable that they are considered the best in the business globally.

Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and last but not the least Manipur are some of the regions in India where a lot of pottery work takes place.

While most of the states mentioned above follow the more conventional techniques and methods of pottery known to mankind, the Black pottery method adopted by the highly skilled tribal artisans of the north eastern state of Manipur is very distinctive in its style and approach.

Conventional and the totally rare black pottery all are there!

One hundred per cent organic, the black pottery of Manipur is carried out by mixing weather rock, serpentine rock and clay with water. The two kinds of rock mentioned here are unique to this region. Instead of the much familiar potter’s wheel, in this case, the more tedious and time consuming hard coiled technique is adopted. Moulded this way, the pots and other ware are then fired in a kiln that is specifically made for this purpose.

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