What is an online game players around the world?

Online games are games in general that are played with other players via the Internet using PCs, game consoles, tablets, smartphones, etc. In the past, games played by individuals on the Internet were also considered online games, but now they are used only for multiplayer games.

Let’s take a look at the world of online games.

Overview of online games

Online games refer to games played over the Internet in cooperation with or against other users. Recently, it has become commonplace to connect to the Internet and play not only games for smartphones, but also home-use game consoles. However, games whose main content is how to cooperate and play against other players on the Internet are called online games. Some games can only be played without an internet connection, and these are truly online games.

online game players
online game players

Online games include genres such as shooting games such as FPS/TPS, MMORPG/MORPG where you enjoy role-playing games, and MOBA where you battle for position. There are those that compete in the world, and those that live in the world together with hundreds or thousands of people.

History of online games on PCs and consoles

Since around 1995, when Windows 95 was introduced, Internet connection has become commonplace, and online games have increased accordingly. Especially since 1996, the MMORPG “Ultima Online” from Electronic Arts, the MORPG “Diablo” from Blizzard Entertainment, and the FPS “Quake” from id Software have been released, and are popular among PC game fans in Japan. As a result, online games will become popular.

It was around the time of Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 that appeared in 2005-2006 that online games began to spread in earnest on home video game consoles. It was around this time that major home video game console hardware began to be equipped with wired LAN terminals and wireless LAN from the beginning without peripheral devices. With this as an opportunity, the culture of playing online games with friends spread to the general public.

Today, it is no exaggeration to say that most PC games are online games, and games that use an Internet connection have become commonplace. Under these circumstances, PCs for games called gaming PCs with enhanced graphics capabilities are also being released. Until now, if it was a PC and a game machine, the game machine was a dedicated machine, so I was able to play games comfortably. However, in the case of gaming PCs, many have higher performance than home game consoles in terms of specifications, so there are cases where the PC version has a cleaner screen and can be played more comfortably.

Enjoyment of online game “e-sports” on PC

Now, “e-sports” is becoming popular in Japan. The word e-sports was nominated for the 2018 Buzzword Award, so I think many people know what it is.

In e-sports, not only general users but also professional players compete in tournaments and leagues using games, and scenes that are no different from actual sports are unfolding not only in Japan but all over the world. There are already many professional gamers and professional teams in Japan, and matches are held in various games. Looking at the situation surrounding e-sports in the world, most of them are played on PCs instead of home game consoles. In Japan, there are many e-sports that are played on home video game consoles, but the number of e-sports titles that can only be played on PCs is increasing.

Esports are not just fun to play. Just like professional sports, just watching a game can be fun and sometimes moving. I think that there are many people who say, “I don’t play baseball, but I watch professional baseball”, and the same thing can be said about baseball. Of course, it is more interesting to know the rules of the game that is the subject, and you can enjoy watching e-sports more by experiencing it yourself anyway. In the case of real sports, for example, after being impressed by watching professional soccer, you can’t do it right away even if you get excited and say, “Okay, let’s try it too!” There are various problems such as the number of people is not the same'' andwhere to play”. However, with e-sports, you can play as soon as you have a PC, game software, and an internet connection, and you can easily find opponents on the internet. Especially after big professional esports matches, there are a lot of users online.

Fun to watch, fun to play. That’s esports. Playing on a PC allows you to play it casually, comfortably, and happily.

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