On Ancient Chinese bronze sculpture

In the Eastern Zhou era, the smelting technology had developed into a high period and emerged the manufacturing summative literature Kao Gong Ji about the techniques of bronze sculpture. The book on the making tripods, axes, Yi Ji and other objects of copper, tin bronze in the proportion of detailed provisions. Because of frequent wars, the bronze sculpture weapons had make rapid development as well. In particular, Wu and Yue sword, abnormal sharp, world famous, there are some famous sword of artisans such as go-getters, Europe Haruko et al. Although some sword buried in the ground over two thousand years, but still can cut into the stack of paper. Goujian sword and some other sword, the surface after a certain chemical treatment to form a diamond-shaped rust, scale-shaped or flame-shaped pattern, abnormal gorgeous.

Another feature of chinese bronze sculpture is that so far we have not found any portraits of bronze sculpture. Many employers face shape as the bronze ornaments, such as human faces Fang Ding, Yue faces of the people, but these people face are not any specific person’s face. More artifacts are people’s overall image, such as the human form of lamp or device base; or to the whole person, as part of objects, such as bell frame with humanoid hands lift up sword beams, copper under several human form the Foot and the like, most of these men and women to be from the human form of dress, but not a specific portrait of slave servant. Unearthed in Sichuan Guanghan stereo, human head, the size of more than normal, long ears are prominent eyes, high nose, wide mouth, full of mystery, myth figures should be. These are all fabulous bronze sculpture.

General development of the china bronze culture is divided into three stages, namely the formation, and changes in peak period. Formation refers to the Longshan era, 4500 to 4000 years ago; peak period that Chinese Bronze Age, the era including the Xia, Shang and Western Zhou Dynasty, Spring and Autumn and early Warring States period, some 1,600 years duration, which is the traditional Chinese system of bronze culture age; transition period refers to the late Warring States – Qin and Han Dynasty. The bronze sculpture has been gradually replaced by iron. Not only the number greatly reduced numbers, but also from weapons and the use of ritual worship in the ritual, war activities, and so on important occasions become the daily utensils, its Do the appropriate device type, structural features, decorative arts has also undergone a transition of change. bronze sculpture of China principally refers to the objects of the alloy of copper and tin in the pre-Qin period.

bronze sculpture is a great invention in human history. It is copper and tin and lead alloy, is cast in the history of the earliest metal treatment alloys. After the invention of bronze, immediately began to flourish, from the history of mankind will enter a new phase – the Bronze Age.

bronze sculpture is made of bronze artifacts. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, which also contains a small amount of lead. It as an alloy, and has several advantages compared to pure copper. First, the low melting point, easy to cast; second hardness, according to the actual increase or decrease the need for appropriate tin and lead infer, in order to achieve different hardness; Third, when the bubble solution in a small cast, in the range (mold) of all-pervasive This is easy to cast a sharp blade and fine patterns, and objects significant reduction in their holes.

1973 Shaanxi Lintong Jiangzhai site has been unearthed a semi-circular residual copper, was identified as brass. 1975 Gansu Dongxiang Lin Majiayao cultural sites (about 3000 BC or so) unearthed a bronze knife, which is present in the earliest Chinese bronzes discovered is proof of China’s entry into the Bronze Age. bronze sculpture showed up along with the establishment of early states, naturally it became a symbol of royal power. Relative to West Asia, South Asia and North Africa dating back about 6500 years ago in the Bronze Age has entered, the late arrival of Bronze Age China, but they can not deny that it is independent of origin, because China has a bronze and stone and with age, years about 5500 ~ 4500 years ago. The china bronze sculpture of Shang after the Erlitou can be divided into two stages which are Erligang period and the ruins of Yin Dynasty.  On this basis, China invented the bronze alloy, bronze model of development with the world the same, so you can rule out the spread of Chinese bronzes come from outside of that.

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