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I powerful digestive system is simply metal also melted, and afraid that some fat do. Normal metabolism of the people will have the most beautiful figure. Abundant breast slender waist fat buttock is to have good performance of fertility, as to how to maintain good fertility front all said. However, eat food way is very exquisite, botanical slimming, and ordinary people only consider the food nutrition, actually, and unseen energy, is to let us UP a bit and let our blood would not be plugging in a place of that kind of energy.
Above all, want to eat the food should be season, and now I’m no seasonal feeling, because all the year round fruit vegetables are sold, we should eat this winter in the summer to produce food, our body and nature between delicate contact is blocked. fruta planta to answer the food is often the most can cope with the change of the body that season. The past winter eat turnip summer eat ginger, spring onion Jim eat, eat big summer wax gourd, is good sense.
Summer is hot, but sun be the spirit in the table, Yin qi in, visceral opposite is cold, easy to abdomen diarrhea, so to want to eat to warm the ginger stomach; The winter sun be the spirit of the, the internal organs instead is hot and dry, eat the carrot botanical slimming Be like again, I eat meat, but not every season to eat the flesh of the same, quiz dong season I eat a lot of red meat, the spring, eat more fish and duck meat. If we all season to eat, may be in need of lowering but eat hot stuff. How much more vegetables are good with this increased chemical composition, swollen agent sweetener what of, appearance beautiful but not taste, chemical residue accumulation in the body, the damage to our liver and kidney. Chemical east too much, they detoxification task so heavy!
Besides region, local eating habits and its climate conditions about, like hot place, is usually humid or vulnerable to food poisoning place. Sichuan spicy girls to eat many also don’t fire for botanical slimming moisture heavy. But by dry desperately of the north, also eat Sichuan food, had no water to wet except point, not long Doug just strange. Mexico and India also eat spicy food, because the local hot, hot can eliminate intestines parasites. We have no bug eat, alas, all bad in the mouth.
Six, want to eat the raw ingredient of complete the food
Now things don’t know why all grow so big, cut a small piece of can eat satisfied. Variety, a plenty. Some people also eat a small part of the special food; such as only eat YuChun, duck tongue, o sin.
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